Blog What I Want! ✊

I have appreciated everyone’s comments encouraging me to blog what I want. After all, that’s why we’re here. I think I’ve come up with a direction that feels natural to me.

I’ve decided to drop out of Year of Projects. I have loved being part of the group, but my participation has started to feel rote. Also, focusing on productivity is not where I want to be right now.

I’m going to restructure my blog around special interests. This will include knitting, sewing, and other fiber arts. It will also include movies, books, the paranormal, traveling, music, and whatever I feel like. I’ve been reading old posts, and most of this isn’t new to my blog. I will restructure the categories to reflect this.

I’d like to get back to a couple of old special interests that never went anywhere. One is learning the fiddle. Another is (hula) hooping. I will also be including the occasional thought on Tudor England as I will be taking a lecture series next year. Expect to see a combining of special interests, like sewing an Anne Boleyn blouse. (Already planning one.) Do not expect to see historic costume. I am super impressed with people who recreate period clothing, but I am not interested in doing it myself.

I wish I could share a pic of what I am working on right now, but it’s top secret. Instead, here’s a link to an old post from when we visited Cape Breton for Celtic Colours in 2019.

We’ve Been Here Before

AKA Time is Cyclical

This morning I checked my WordPress comments and noticed on my stats that someone had visited an old post. Curious, I clicked on the post to find it was a quiz. I clicked on the quiz tag and went down the rabbit hole of learning about myself. Although I lost myself a bit the last few years, I also haven’t changed much. Here’s what I learned.

  1. I still love a good quiz.
  2. I go on and off medication as needed, even though at the time I think whatever I decide to do is for forever. (I am newly off. I feel great.)
  3. I have an all or nothing approach to life. I’m an extremist. Just ask my mom.
  4. I prefer unmedicated Alissa’s intellect and humor.
  5. I prefer medicated Alissa’s ability to filter and edit herself.
  6. It’s possible 4 and 5 are mutually exclusive.
  7. Also, it’s Aliissa. Maybe it should be Alliissa. I’m changing my name.

I really am changing my name. This year is our 10th wedding anniversary, and I’m planning to change my last name to Bob’s, which is Musgrave. If I’m going to the trouble of changing my last name, the other two deserve a good ponder as well. Please vote for your favorite.

  1. Alissa Lynnette Musgrave (current first and middle names with new last name)
  2. Alissa Head Musgrave
  3. Alissa Lynnette Head Musgrave
  4. Alis Linnet Musgrave (my favorite)
  5. Alliissa Liinnet Musgrave
  6. Big Al the Bird Musgrave

To be clear, 5 and 6 are meant to be humorous.

If I change my name, I may need to change the name of my blog. I guess HeadKnits can mean more than one thing, which is why I chose it. But here are some new blog name options. Please vote for your favorite.

  1. MusMakes
  2. GraveKnits (I do tend to trod the spooky path)
  3. Big Al the Bird
  4. Friday(Not)Finnish
  5. StudioLinnet

All this name changing sounds exhausting.

Did you know? If I had been a boy, my Dad was going to name me Frederick Arthur Terrence Head and call me FAT Head? He may have been joking, but I suspect not. If I change my name to Big Al the Bird, people could call me BAB. Then we would be Bob and Bab Musgrave. BobNBab. Baobab. BobNWeave. BobNKnit. BlogNBlab. I’m cracking myself up here. I think we know where I get it.

Please post more quizzes so I can answer them on my blog and read about myself in the future.