WIP Wednesday Sick Day

I am under the weather today, and am trying to rest and take care of myself. Working from home is great, but it is so easy to fall into working all the time. I don’t feel terrible today, as my fever and headache subsided last night, but I know if I don’t recuperate today I may become more ill and miss work when it is inconvenient. Today is a light day anyway (until I get “deliverables” from my team) so I may as well take it easy and knit.

We don’t say “deliverables” at work. I think it is funny to throw corp speak around like I wear a suit or something. Say it one time with me: “deliverables.” Roll your Rs when you say it.

I’ve never posted a WIP Wednesday before. If I have the energy, I may even update my Ravelry today!

  1. To frog or not to frogimg_0870This is my West Highland Way Club design contest hat in Kate Davies’ Milarrochy Tweed. I had fully planned to frog it today and use the yarn for a Goats of Inversnaid hat for my youngest son, Hans, whose Chinese zodiac sign is a Goat, like me. He is also an Ares, so he is double ram. And, we like goats, a lot. I wish we could have goats.

    Just a goat running up to the camera from r/aww

    Anywhozle, I had frog freeze when I started to rip it out. I’m so close to finishing it, and I have plenty of yarn leftover to make the Goat hat. Really, all I have to do is finish the crown. Even if I don’t love it, maybe I should finish it. What do you think?

  2. Not so plain gray sweater for Harald in Manos del Uruguay Maximaimg_0873I am ready to shape the second neck edge and shoulder, and will mattress stitch the shoulders together. When he is here for family movie night this week (Hocus Pocus) I will have him try it on and make sure things are fitting well, as well as measuring for the sleeve length. I’m pretty sure I’ll have this done in time for Christmas.
  3. Bobbly Tam in The Fibre Company Arranmore Lightimg_0871 I’d really like to wrap this one up. I am ready to decrease for the crown. Is WIP Wednesday a thing because it’s hump day? I notice my knitting is like that. I reach a “hump.” Once I’m over that, things progress quickly.
  4. Plain blue sock in Knitting Goddess yarnimg_0874Nothing to see here. Not a Hunter Hammersen pattern after all. Just a plain old sock. I’m happy to be knitting a plain sock since the plan was to knit it while walking. I haven’t tried that yet. I hope I’m coordinated enough. Do you knit while walking?
  5. Purl Soho Sweatshirt in local handspun merinoimg_0872This yarn is super yummy to knit. It’s soft and spongy, and I’m wondering if it is soft enough for my son Henry to wear. He doesn’t like anything wool. He’s sensitive to the itch. I had intended this to be for me, but if it comes out too large, I may gift it to him. It’s his color, too. If not, I’ll look for a good acrylic to make something for him, or maybe cotton. Although, knitting with cotton isn’t my favorite since it has no elasticity. I don’t really enjoy knitting with acrylic, either. Any suggestions?

There they are, all my WIPs. I haven’t cast on for the Carbeth yet. I may wait until after the holidays. It’s a bright, holiday red color, though. Maybe I should cast on today? I hear it is a quick knit.

This post is a little loopy (get it)? I should probably take a nap. It would help if I could breathe through my nose.

I’ve highlighted questions and “action items” for you in red, for fun. Please post your answers in the comments, or on your blog. Post a video of you saying “deliverables” while rolling your Rs like Sean Connery. Bonus points if you have a glass of scotch in your hand. I would like that. Is that too much work for a sick day? That’s okay, too. Thanks for reading.