Join the Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit! And the Ravelry Group!

I’m setting up a virtual knit for this Sunday, August 2, at 1PM EST via Skype. So far we’ve got me, Marilee, and Liz. I hope Sarah can make it, but I know she is moving.

Would you like to join us? Please send me your Skype ID via Instagram DM (my Instagram is headknits) or you can email me at my first and last name, altogether, at gmail. Or you can send me a message on Ravelry (alissahead) but I’m not the best about checking that.

Hmm… I think I will start a group on Ravelry! Here it is!

Blogville Knitters on Ravelry

Please don’t post your Skype ID on the group. I’m not savvy enough on Ravelry to know how private that is. Just use the group to message me with your Skype ID, which I’m pretty sure is private.

I’m looking forward to some knitting comaraderie! All this quarantining is loooonely.