Friends and Family

Our last concert yesterday was called Friends and Family, and it took place at a beautiful old church where Bob’s paternal grandparents were members, down by the harbor. We decided to walk down from our Airbnb (in the rain) and take in whatever sights we could on the way.

I love the colorful fishing boats.

Something took a bite out of this fisherman, whose eyes followed you when walked by. I was charmed and creeped out at the same time.

This event was my favorite, I think. I enjoyed every act and the venue as well. I bought another cd, this time for a band called Farsan.

The show finished with a band from Orkney called Saltfishforty. I would have purchased their cd as well, but by that time I had blown all our cash.

Even Bob is starting to enjoy a little bit of Celtic music. Here he is with his Mom at Friends and Family, being ornery.

Today we’ll be ON A BOAT!

I decided not to purchase any more Celtic Colours bulky yarn. I’m going to make some thrummed mittens out of the hank that I have.