Saturday Gnomebodying

If you like to knit tiny naked gnomes, you can also make masks for them. Check it out at Mochi Mochi Land.

I am knitting (not gnomes). Thank goodness! I’m not sure how all these projects piled up. And yet this weekend I am hoping to cast on Shoalwater Shawl and Franca for my Mom. But there’s not much to show you. I would love to finish the yoke on Arachne this weekend and delve into that sweet, sweet stockinette.

Pete the Watcher Gnome

Speaking of gnomes, this is our new gnome, who replaced an old gnome, named Pete. The kids named him – I think it was Sydney – because they loved to watch the show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Old Pete was graying, had lost his hand, and his bird was broken. But Old Pete was alert and earnest. New Pete looks like he’s been into some magic mushrooms.

My geranium is blooming!

This geranium was a Mother’s Day gift from my oldest, Harald, in 2017. It is loving the new digs. (See what I did there?) I can’t wait until all those buds bloom. What will I do with it in winter? I hope I can hang it in the bay window.

I checked out the book The Knitted Rug at the library. I’ve decided to make a Coiled Cord Oval Rug someday. I copied it and filed it for later. I also purchase yarn for the Cabin Kitchen Towel Set pattern in… you guessed it. Pink! Pink, gray, and natural, to be precise.

Gratuitous yarn photo.
Mmm… sustainability.

I finally checked out the new Ravelry. I don’t use the website much. I primarily use the Ravelry app on my phone. I recommend the app if the new Ravelry website doesn’t work for you. You only have to pay $5 to upload photos directly from your phone. Worth it! Although I noticed you have the option to switch back to the old site, so that’s good. I just can’t get into updating my Ravelry and keeping up with the forums there. It’s too much for me. Even the old Ravelry was overwhelming for me! I’m glad I have the Blogville Knitters.

I used the new WordPress block editor for this post. It was not horrible.