Storm Chips

A storm is rolling in, and Bob’s Mom says to get our “storm chips.” We got two bags of All Dressed Chips, which you can only get in Canada. They are amazing and since I can’t find any online retailers willing to ship to the US, I’m going to try to take a bag home with me.

Chips are such a big deal in Canada, they sell cases of the small bags to give out for Halloween.

I admit, I think this is such a good idea, I may start doing it.

We went for a hike today, but since the storm was rolling in, it was too cold as we weren’t properly dressed. We went to the Lighthouse Trail at Louisburg.

It was beautiful, but as I said, cold. Bob managed to find a treacherous path to explore, which was not a surprise.

Still knitting away on my Weekender. I should be finished with the body by the time we get back home.

Don’t worry, I have another cake of yarn with me.