Back Porch Shawl

In my previous post I linked to my Back Porch Shawl on Ravelry, and I’ve just realized not everyone can view my project page. D’oh!

Pattern is Back Porch Shawl by Diana Poirier. Yarn is Weekend Wool from Green Mountain Spinnery in Pumpkin, Lichen, and Poppy, I used three skeins of each color.

The yarn really makes it. Every stitch was scrumptiously soft and the autumnal colors are rich and warm. It was a relaxing, mindful knit. A perfect vacation knit! I will be wrapping up in this all winter.

Lake Michigan Vacation

Bob and I just got back from a week at a cottage on Lake Michigan! We had a very relaxing and fun week, with a private beach in a great location.

We swam in Lake Michigan (the water was cold!) walked along the beaches, visited Sarett Nature Center, and hiked at Grand Mere State Park.

I finished knitting my Back Porch Shawl, bought a few skeins of yarn at The Sandpiper Bridgman, knit on the beach, and knit at Flick or Treat, where we watched The Old Dark House.

We ate gluten free pizza at Silver Beach Pizza, made a special trip to Sweet Bees Gluten Free Bakery in Paw Paw, bowled a few games at Peat’s Cider Social, and I enjoyed a wine tasting at Dablon Winery and Vineyards.

My favorite days were definitely the ones spent in PJs at the cottage. I read a book! (It’s been a while.) It was a fun read that I blew through in two days. Bob and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. We enjoyed eating at Buck Burger and The Mason Jar, and shopping in Downtown St. Joe’s.

It was a beautiful getaway, not too far away, and a wonderful anniversary!

Garden Variety Friday FO

This morning, instead of working out, I worked in the garden. I cleared out another section and put together my new pop up greenhouse! You can see I left some flowers at the end of the garden for the pollinators. I’m still finding bees in the garden.

I planted kale, arugula, and two varieties of lettuce seed. My hope is the cooler weather and greenhouse will keep the moths at bay. I will have to watch the slugs, though. Fingers crossed we’ll have some greens soon! And if it works well, next spring I’ll plant cabbage in there, and hope to have some to harvest early.

I also got my hair cut off this week! I love it. I tried to grow it long, but once it hit a certain length I kept pulling it back. Why have long hair if you only wear it pulled into a ponytail? So I went back to short hair. I will probably never try to grow it long again.

Do you have any finished objects to share today?

Knit Knit Knit Knit YOP and Knit

Fiber Art

I picked up the unsold artwork from the gallery. I have hung four in my house. I really like most of this work, and I’m happy to admire them on my walls. A couple more will be gifted. So I’m thinking, why submit anything to the juried art show? Eh, I probably won’t.


Work has been busy so I’ve been stimming in stockinette and garter stitch. Which is fine because that’s what my knitting is for. The good news is I’m almost ready to change colors on the Back Porch Shawl and I’m finishing up the gusset of the second Sleepy Hollow sock!

Also, I got a sock ruler! Something I didn’t know I needed but now couldn’t live without. Thank you, Sarah.

I am ready to cast on some leg warmers in Fiber for the People Endor. I am planning to make the Olalie Legwarmers. Not stockinette, but a thermal-esque stitch that looks to be repetitive. Pump your fists in the air and sing along with me, 🎶 “Fiber for the people!” 🎶 That’s what I do every time I think of this yarn. I also think of Ewoks sticking it to the man.

I opened my DIY Autumn Advent bag for October 2. This one I remembered because I love the yarn (Zombie by Moondrake) and it’s a pattern I thought I might enjoy wearing. Will I cast on? Who knows? No promises. Only if I feel like it. How many of these advent bags do you think will end up back in the drawer for next year? That’s right. Most of them. Smoke and mirrors. If it keeps me from buying yarn, it’s a worthy endeavor.

Listening to Music Intentionally

I haven’t been doing much of this, though I’ve tried. I traveled a lot in September, and discovered a new-to-me NPR station out of Yellow Springs, Ohio, WYSO. Every week day, between 11 and 2, the show Excursions plays some really great music. This song kicked off a show about places, and since I went to so many places in September, I decided to share this with you. You’ve heard it. But it’s still good.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

Garden Update

I spent some time in the garden this morning. One of the great things about being a lazy gardener is the surprises, like when your Japanese Indigo flowers and you didn’t know how pretty their little pink flowers could be. I also found some volunteer Lamb’s Ear. I don’t know where that came from, but I’ll keep it. There were tenacious weeds. These weren’t the same plants that I had pulled up in the spring. These were other weeds that took the place of the weeds pulled up in the spring, like Bitter Dock and Evening Primrose. I like Evening Primrose, but they will take over so I made sure to pull up what I could. I found two bell peppers and a few springs of basil to add to our pizza today.

I amended the soil with compost when I made the second planting of cabbage, and it did help the plants make heads. Too bad the cabbage moths got to them, even under the netting. I guess I’ll have to try something different if I’m going to get cabbage and kale out of the garden.

My plan is to spend the rest of the day knitting on the couch. I’m so glad it’s October!

Year of Projects Update


I completed one of my Sleepy Hollow socks. I had some trouble with this yarn getting tangled, so I hope I have enough left to complete sock two!

I also have a new phone, so I’m still getting the hang of the camera.

I’ve made a little progress on Arrowhead Cardigan.

I’m starting to enjoy seeing the colorwork pattern come together, and I feel I did a good job picking out the colors.

My Fall Shawl continues to grow.


I sewed another Piedra dress in white cobweb fabric for Freya.

Fiber Art

I pick up my work today from the gallery. I don’t think I’ve sold any additional pieces since the reception. I have two pieces in mind to submit to another juried exhibit if they didn’t sell.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.