Saturday Words

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics or updates this week. I’ve been sick with the stomach flu for three days. I have felt a little better the past two days, but I’m still fatigued and nauseous. And too tired to knit. I tried, though.

I watched the newest episode of Fruity Knitting yesterday. They interviewed the CocoKnits designer, Julie Weisenberger, who is the designer of the Franca sweater I am making for my Mom. I am so glad I watched the video, because she explains her approach to garment knitting, which she calls English tailoring, and I’m excited to try it. It’s an elegant solution. And now I understand why I started with the back neck piece.

What are you knitting? Are you excited for fall?

Sock it to Me Monday: PSL Edition

Pumpkin spice latte sock #1

I’m enjoying my PSL sock. The garter stitch heel came out nice. I accidentally picked up the heel flap stitches before turning the heel, so I did it afterward and it’s fine. I find this yarn a little splitty.

New to us dining room table

We’ve never owned a proper dining room table. The one at the last house belonged to the landlord. We were excited to find this solid oak table and chairs on Craigslist. Now we can host family and friends, invite kids for Thanksgiving, and play RPGs in comfort and style.

My work trip went like clockwork. I’m happy to report I enjoyed the Vampire Knitting Club audiobook on my road trip and I’m going to get the next book in the series. I’m also watching The Spanish Princess, which is surprisingly well done (because Starz — I couldn’t watch White Queen, or White Princess even though I’m a Tudor nerd and Jodie Comer was in the lead) and we watched Seventh Son, which is ridiculous but it won me over in the end. Speaking of Jodie Comer, if you haven’t seen Killing Eve, I highly recommend.

What are you knitting/reading/watching?

Vintersoll by Jennifer Steingass

Guess what. I’m going to knit a Vintersoll… next year. I have Magpie Fibers Solstice DK in teal (Masquerade) and cream (Fior di Latte.) I still need to figure out the third color. I like this version though. Let me know if you have opinions.

I Sound My Barbaric YOP

Year of Projects Update Week 3
Arachne Yarn Chicken

I divided for the sleeves on Arachne. I’m worried I will run out of yarn. Do I wait until I run out? Or should I go ahead and order? What would you do?

Knit the Rainbow as it Presents

I started the heel flap on my second Pride sock. I decided to be lazy zen and knit the rainbow as it presents. #knittingislife

Shetland Tweed Throw and Beverage of Choice

My Shetland Tweed Throw is almost long enough to cover me as I knit it. I still have six hanks of this yarn but I’m holding it double. I only had 10 hanks to begin with, so I think I’m okay. There is an i-cord edging, but that shouldn’t take too much yarn.

There’s nothing to report on other topics except for practice on fiddle and design. No sewing. No fiber art.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Non-YOPping Content

Lili Taylor in Dogfight

Yesterday was Lili Taylor movie day. We watched Mystic Pizza and Dogfight. Neither Bob nor I had ever seen Dogfight. It was poignant. River Phoenix was also superb. Maybe next weekend will be River Phoenix weekend.

I can’t wait until our virtual knit later today!

Friday, I’m in Love

This was a bit of a rough week, but here are are some things I’ve fallen in love with in the last few days.

Alfie the Alpaca in Adelaide
Love on the Spectrum
my blooming geranium and caravan birdhouse
my project bag from The Crimson Rabbit
Ready to divide for sleeves on my Arachne sweater!

Don’t forget to join us on Sunday at 1PM Eastern (we are currently on daylight time) for our Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit! You can message your Skype ID to me via Instagram @headknits or Ravelry @alissahead. Feel free to invite a friend!

Tuesday Treat

Yarn Sniffer nail polish from The Woolly Thistle

Oh yes I did. I have been following The Woolly Thistle for a while, but I haven’t succumbed to a purchase until now. Knitter’s nail polish, y’all! These are the Flagship colors: Fearless Steeker, Whatcha Swatchin’, and Yarn Sniffer. I had to try on Yarn Sniffer right away, of course.

And don’t tell me this is the same as any other nail polish because you would be wrong! 😂

Lovely Day

emPower People purple bandana, yarn is Wood Wool Stone alpaca blend in Concord

I had a lovely day today (Sunday). I blogged my YOP update. Bob made eggs with toast for my breakfast. I took a nap. I knit. I enjoyed our Blogville Knitters virtual knit. I finished my emPower People bandana. The boys came over and Bob made tacos for our dinner.

❤️ Nerds ❤️

We are playing a role playing game called Ashen Stars. This is my first time playing an RPG. Today we learned about the different races of characters in the game. I chose Val Mas. This week we are working on names and character development.

My brain glows when I activate my psychic resonance.

The funny thing is that Bob has been calling this game Sherlock Holmes in Space. I thought that was the actual name of the game but it turns out he made that up.

It was nice to cross something off my list today!

Saturday Words

Sheep at Highland Village, NS

Just as everyone was leaving Ravelry for inaccessibility, I seem to be spending more time over there. I’m contrary like that. I joined an audiobook group for more suggestions, and everyone is recommending Vampire Knitting Club. Vampires and knitting?! Two of my favorite things! I started it yesterday, and so far it is similar to other knitting cozies. But the intro made me laugh because the yarn shop is named Cardinal Woolsey’s. I figured that was a good sign.

Daughter of a Shepherd has a wonderful book shelf with all sorts of titles I would love to read. I settled on The Solace of Open Spaces since I can get it at the library.

Great, two books to read but nothing to listen to while knitting. I almost signed up for Scribd in desperation. Our library does have a download service through Libby, but I’m not finding much that I want to listen to there. Or the search function isn’t great. Any tips?

Today is Saturdate, and in need of something to look forward to since we don’t follow sports or anything like that, Bob and I are having movie theme weekends. This weekend is John Cusack. We are watching Grosse Pointe Blank and Say Anything. I have a feeling next weekend’s theme will be Lili Taylor in a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon unspoken rule, as she has a great role in Say Anything. I hope so, because then my choice for next weekend will be Mystic Pizza.

I lost 5 pounds last month. I jogged at intervals yesterday while walking, which is so exciting because I love jogging. I will have to be careful not to push it or I will hurt myself.

OKC (obligatory knitting content): I have been focusing on Arachne. I look forward to posting my YOP (Year of Projects) update tomorrow.

I am missing Nova Scotia. Tonight Highland Village has their 59th Annual Highland Village Day concert. You can watch it on YouTube. I told Bob we will have to have a concert intermission between John Cusack movies. Seed Savers Exchange is also having a benefit concert tonight. It’s not free, though. We may have picked the wrong weekend to start movie themes.

What are you doing this weekend?

Saturday Gnomebodying

If you like to knit tiny naked gnomes, you can also make masks for them. Check it out at Mochi Mochi Land.

I am knitting (not gnomes). Thank goodness! I’m not sure how all these projects piled up. And yet this weekend I am hoping to cast on Shoalwater Shawl and Franca for my Mom. But there’s not much to show you. I would love to finish the yoke on Arachne this weekend and delve into that sweet, sweet stockinette.

Pete the Watcher Gnome

Speaking of gnomes, this is our new gnome, who replaced an old gnome, named Pete. The kids named him – I think it was Sydney – because they loved to watch the show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Old Pete was graying, had lost his hand, and his bird was broken. But Old Pete was alert and earnest. New Pete looks like he’s been into some magic mushrooms.

My geranium is blooming!

This geranium was a Mother’s Day gift from my oldest, Harald, in 2017. It is loving the new digs. (See what I did there?) I can’t wait until all those buds bloom. What will I do with it in winter? I hope I can hang it in the bay window.

I checked out the book The Knitted Rug at the library. I’ve decided to make a Coiled Cord Oval Rug someday. I copied it and filed it for later. I also purchase yarn for the Cabin Kitchen Towel Set pattern in… you guessed it. Pink! Pink, gray, and natural, to be precise.

Gratuitous yarn photo.
Mmm… sustainability.

I finally checked out the new Ravelry. I don’t use the website much. I primarily use the Ravelry app on my phone. I recommend the app if the new Ravelry website doesn’t work for you. You only have to pay $5 to upload photos directly from your phone. Worth it! Although I noticed you have the option to switch back to the old site, so that’s good. I just can’t get into updating my Ravelry and keeping up with the forums there. It’s too much for me. Even the old Ravelry was overwhelming for me! I’m glad I have the Blogville Knitters.

I used the new WordPress block editor for this post. It was not horrible.


I don’t have an FO to show you today, so instead enjoy the yarn collection Disappointing Pet Names from Countess Ablaze.

Yesterday I knit on Arachne, my second Pride sock, and my purple bandaner in the spirit of Thorsday three, though I was too immersed in Wild Wild Country to blog about it. Have you seen this show on Netflix?

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the new WordPress editor. I keep changing it back to classic in the hope the new one will go away. Do not want.