December 11 HoliDaily: The Taxus Mittens

📸 Anne Myhre
📸 EvaL8
📸 fun9

I’m definitely knitting these, although I’m not sure about colors yet. I love how they’re festive and wintry in every colorway I’ve seen.

📸 Anne Myhre

I did order some Christmassy fingering yarn in red, green, white, blue, and brown, so I will probably make that pair first. After I make the Christmas Pudding Socks. The Taxus Mittens (Ravelry Link)

Friday FOs

I finished the TransPride socks and I’m pleased to share they were worn yesterday. Hooray! A success!

Here’s a better photo of my Shetland Tweed Throw blocking on the line. It’s so warm and squishy. I love it.

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 11

December 10 HoliDaily: Menorah Pillow and Little Dreidel

Menorah Pillow 📸 Moontea (Ravelry link)
Little Dreidel 📸 Anna Hrachovec (Mochimochi website link)

Hanukkah starts today at sundown. Although we don’t celebrate, when my kids were young we learned about all the holiday traditions we could, and celebrated those that resonated with us. My oldest loved Hanukkah. We gave them a menorah and celebrated for several years by lighting the candles, playing dreidel, giving little gifts, and making latkes. I find the story of Hanukkah fascinating. Here is an article from National Geographic if you would like to learn more about the origin of the holiday.

I love Mochimochi patterns and I hope some day to set aside some time to knit all the tiny adorable things. The dreidel pattern is free, and the dreidel works!

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 10

December 9 HoliDaily: Holiday Doodle Hat and Cowl

📸 Jamie Lomax

This hat and cowl set is super festive! I would wear the heck out of these, and they would be so fun to knit. I don’t have much in the way of Christmassy colored solid yarns, so maybe that’s something I should remedy. (Cowl Ravelry link) (Hat Ravelry link)

Finished Shetland Tweed Throw

No wonder JoJo loves this blanket so much. It’s wool, it’s squishy, and it matches her eyes! Yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft. Pattern is Hip to Be Square Blanket (Ravelry link). I still haven’t blocked it.

Here is my Wednesday WIP. I went ahead and started a Rikke Hat with my festive Ramen Needles Christmas Village yarn. It’s making me happy. And there’s just a hint of purple, so I can wear this hat with my purple coat! Not that I care about matching or anything. 🙄

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 9. Can you see the purple speckles?

December 8 HoliDaily: Hibernate

This was posted on our group text for work. 😆 At least we can still laugh.
📸 Cheryl Bach

It’s been a rough few days including my fall, a positive COVID test at work, and then a car accident. No one is seriously ill or injured, for which we are thankful. Can 2020 be over yet? Can I crawl under this blanket and not emerge until 2021? If I were to make this blanket I might level up and make it a sleeping bag so I could crawl inside it! (Knitty link)

Moondrake yarn advent day 8: acorn squash! 🧡
📸 Ambah O’Brien

Liz shared some advent yarn ideas, and I’ve decided to make this shawl with my advent yarn. I am going to wait until Christmas Day to cast on so I can choose the skein order. ADVENTurous Wrap (Ravelry link)

Hopefully I will feel more festive tomorrow.

December 7 HoliDaily: Christmas Pudding Socks

📸 stone knits

This is the pattern that started it all, y’all. I saw these on Instagram, fell in love, and decided I need to share something festive like this every day in December. I want to knit these, too. (Etsy pattern link) And if you’re looking for a slew of adorable sock patterns, peruse her Etsy shop.

What’s funny is I didn’t grow up eating Christmas pudding, but I still recognize it as an iconic Christmas symbol from Charles Dickens. I tried my first Christmas pudding last year. I ordered a gluten and nut free one, and I enjoyed it. Bob is not a fan of the Christmas pudding so I’m trying to decide if I should order another one for myself this year.

It’s also Sock It To Me Monday and I’m pleased to report I’m nearing the toe on the second TransPride sock. I should have a Friday FO this week.

Moondrake yarn advent Day 7

These colors remind me of my favorite Chris Reilly encaustic art.

December 5 HoliDaily: Krampus!

📸 Regina Weiss

December 5 is the beginning of the Feast of Saint Nicholas, which means Krampus is coming tonight! This pattern is crochet, and although I don’t really like to crochet, I may make an exception for a Krampus hat. (Ravelry link)

Yesterday, I stood up while my foot was asleep and fell over like a proverbial tree in a forest. The only thing missing was someone shouting, “Timber!” I hurt my foot and hand pretty badly, but I don’t think anything is broken. The good news is I can sit in my comfy chair all day and knit. I’ve almost finished the edging on my Shetland Tweed Throw. But I’m hoping to be able to stand long enough to make gingerbread cookies so we can eat them while watching my favorite Christmas movie, Rare Exports.

Day 5 Moondrake yarn advent

Pink has been my color this year, and this pink perfectly matches my Thanksgiving cactus blooms! 💕

Here’s all the yarn so far. Each skein is a treasure and I’m still not sure what to make with them.

December 4 HoliDaily: Juletøfler

📸 Hanne Kjølvang

BAHHAHA I saw these on Instagram yesterday. They have googly eyes! And look how the decreases at the toes make little round oooooo lips. Genius! Adding to my queue! (Ravelry link) Now I’m wondering if the pattern is in Norwegian. Well, that’s okay. Maybe there will be English instructions next year.

How is everyone doing on their knitting? I’m not doing so great. By the end of my work day it’s dark and I’m tired. I will try to cast on something sparkly after work tonight.

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 4

Today’s yarn reminds me of the weathered vine on my peace wreath and teal needles of the evergreens in our backyard.

I also decorated my peace wreath today.

I went with simple and natural this year.

December 3 HoliDaily: Julgran

📸 Andi Satterlund

This is the cutest sweater. It’s so festive! And the designer is cute as a button in it. Ordinarily I would not consider a sweater like this for my more matronly self. But this year, we had an Arachne knitalong, which is another sweater by this designer. The only modification I made was to eliminate the waistline decreases, and I love it! I accidentally extended the yoke pattern as well, which worked out fine. So maybe I will consider knitting a Julgran for myself someday. (Julgran designer website link)

📸 Andi Satterlund

It’s also cute without the baubles.

Moondrake yarn advent Day 3 💜

December 2 HoliDaily!

📸 Susan B Anderson

Look at this cute set of holiday charms you can knit! They would make great ornaments, or string them together for a garland. Here is the website link. I have to warn you, there are lots of adorable charms and toys to knit on this website. There’s even a moose in a sweater with trees on it. Adorable! I’m tempted.

I haven’t started any of my festive knitting. I’m still plugging away on projects I’m trying to finish. I think it’s time to cast on with wild abandon.

Here’s Day 2 of my Moondrake advent calendar. A couple of years ago, when the term “snowflake” was being thrown about, our family embraced it by making glitter snowflake ornaments. I love how this yarn matches one of our snowflakes.

Happy December HoliDaily!

I’ve decided to do a thing in December where I post a festive knitting pattern every day of the month. I’m not necessarily knitting these patterns, at least not right now, but I think sharing them is a festive celebration of all things knitting and holiday!

Arctic Blizzard Socks 📸 by Katrine Birkenwasser

Because we started the month with snow, I decided the Arctic Blizzard Socks should be my first pattern share. (Blogspot link) (Ravelry link) She also has a really cute sweater design Longing for Snow that is similar. (Ravelry link)

Speaking of socks, I’ve started the heel flap on my TransPride socks! Sooo close.

And now, without further ado, here is Day 1 of my Moondrake yarn advent… (drumroll)

It couldn’t be more appropriate!