Happy Krampus Night!

Tonight is Krampusnacht. While we don’t celebrate officially, we marathon Krampus movies with a finale of Rare Exports and play the gingerbread game where we take a bite of gingerbread every time a character does.

This year we’re munching julbok (Yule Goat) cookies in honor of Krampus, but next year I’m planning to use a Krampus cookie cutter.

We are celebrating Krampus Night because it’s fun. Do you have any fun new traditions you are celebrating during the holidays this year?

Knit What I Want

Look at this cute little teeny tiny mitten I made. If I make them all this size, I’m gonna need more mittens! Or I could hold the yarn double and make bigger mittens.

I didn’t hate knitting this mitten, but I didn’t love it, either. You know what that means. I’m not going to knit my mitten garland. Which is fine.

I’ve decided to focus on my Ranunculus, which I’m really enjoying. I also have a couple of hats to make. All my tonal yarn is in, so I can cast on Christmas Pudding Socks if I’m feeling super motivated.

See, that wasn’t so hard.

Happy December WIPS

Today is Day 1 of Advent, so I got to open my first drawer with a mini-skein of yarn and a new Christmas pudding stitch marker. I’m going to wind this into a little ball tonight, and cast on my first mitten for my garland tomorrow night.

My Ranunculus continues to grow. I hope I have it ready to wear soon. I love this color. I’m all about the red this year.

I’m ready to start the toe on my first Gourd Party sock. I may put this away until January and focus on more seasonal knits this month.

This will be an Unbearable hat for Henry. I’ve already shown him the design, and he approves. I’m going to use my new project bag which was a present from my sister for Christmas. It’s a Forage Bag from Joji and Co, a great size for hats and other small projects. I will get a lot of use out of it and I love the metallic pewter color!

I’ve gifted the first hat of the season. Despite the joking, the extra long length was appreciated. And check out that Microsoft sweater! Probably not hand knit, but definitely striking! I’m glad my children love brightly colored knits as much as I do.

A couple of years ago I blogged about wanting to start a vintage pin collection. I purchased this tree pin at that time, but had kind of forgotten about it. I pulled it out of my jewelry box today and it looks great on my Back Porch Shawl. I’ve also ordered a vintage holly pin, which is my go-to yuletide symbol. Do you have a favorite holiday symbol? Tree, star, holly, bauble, angel, dove, pudding, gingerbread person? Please share in the comments!

Jingle Bell YOP

I’ve made a good start on my Christmas Ranunculus sweater. I thought I was going to have to go with the modifications for a larger size, but since I’m knitting it in Aran weight, I think it will be okay using the regular pattern. I haven’t even finished the yoke yet, and it’s pretty roomy.

I’ve started my holiday decorating.

Thanksgiving Day was nice but quiet. The kids came for a visit and a meal on Saturday, which was swell.

I haven’t sewed or spun. It was a rough week.

Yes, I intend to work YOP into the titles of as many holiday songs as I can.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

The Gift to Myself that I Keep on Giving

This year, I purchased an advent chest. Today, I spent a couple of hours winding the small cakes of yarn that I had left over from my yarn advent last year. I put 13 mini-skeins of yarn in the odd drawers. The even drawers have a chocolate. I also have one seasonal stitch marker in the first drawer, and I have a pin on the way for another drawer. Yes, some of the drawers have more than one thing in them.

My plan is to knit a mitten ornament with each mini-skein in December, and then on the 24th make the icord to hang them on for a garland. 12 mittens! 12 days of Yuletide!

I also did purchase a yarn advent this year from Lizzie Bird Yarns. It’s a little smaller than the one I purchased last year, which is a good thing.

Do you have any special holiday knits in the works? I am knitting a few gifts, but I’ll blog about those another time.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday, as you may have guessed. I’m wearing my Sleepy Hollow dress and Cemetery Drive cowl today.

I have a leather jacket that an artist I know painted, and I love wearing it. But I don’t always love having the back of my jacket painted as it attracts a lot of attention. So I purchased a used, plain leather jacket on Poshmark and I’m very happy with it. I wouldn’t buy a new one, but a used one feels less harmful.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m knitting and sewing here and there. I had another “this is my hobby not my job” epiphany. Work has been busy with events for Fair Trade Month. And now we’re moving into the holidays. It feels very sudden!

I needed a knitting pick me up, so I stash-dove and decided to knit an Aurealis sweater. I’m just now starting the short row shaping on the neck, so not much to see yet. I’ve updated my Year of Projects list.

I sewed some monster PJ pants for Bob.

This Halloween Livie shawl won’t be done today, so I may pack it away for next fall.

What about you? Any Halloween makes this year? Are you ready for the holiday season to begin?

Saturday Sewing: Piedra Dress

I sewed a dress today! This is Seamwork’s Piedra Dress in There Will Be Cute’s Headless Horseman fabric from Spoonflower. I used the 100% cotton jersey for myself as I prefer the way all natural fibers breathe.

Close up selfie so you can see how cute the fabric is. It was a quick, successful sew. Which is good because I needed a win today.

Next up I will sew a couple of these for Freya in Halloween fabrics she picked out. She wears the same size as me, which is handy.

Have you had any crafting wins lately?

TLC Tuesday

Last week was busy at work. We took a trip to Cleveland to visit kids on Friday and Saturday. And then, I had a colonoscopy yesterday. So, I took today off as well to recover from the anesthesia. I don’t want to be making important work decisions with anesthesia brain.

This is my second DIY fall advent bag. I am definitely making these, but I haven’t started on the first project yet! I guess I can always rebag what I don’t get to for next year.

This is the first pair of Halloween PJ pants I’ve sewn plus a new seasonal shirt. I’m going to stay in PJs today. I’ve started calling JoJo “JoJo Binx.”

I worked on my Milkshake Cardigan yesterday as it’s pretty straight forward. Once I finish the second sleeve, just the button band to go! I look forward to wearing this cardigan when the weather turns chilly.

Last night we started watching Chapelwaite. It is so good, and is getting me in the mood for the spooky season! But before I immerse myself in autumn leaves and pumpkins please, I need to can some tomatoes.