17 thoughts on “Sock it to Me Monday FO

  1. These socks are some kind of perfect! Like make one want to dance in them and wiggle one’s toes.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about the possible need to repair the heels and I am pretty sure I would open the ankle up, pick up the stitches and reknit the lower portion (i.e. turn the heel as we used to say) and then after removing the damaged section from the foot, reattach/graphed with kitchner stitching. The stitches are large enough that I would remove the knitting needles before reattaching. Keeping some of the yarn for this repair along with a copy of the pattern in Bob’s sock drawer, would be part of the plan. 😂 These socks are definitely worth it!

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  2. Great idea to do it on an old pair first! I bet you will find you can do a sock in about an hour or less. The striping on the new pair will make it easy to see where you are, so to speak. Once you have mastered a sock this way, you are ready to save a sweater with thinning or damaged elbows. One of the blessings of knitting your own items is that you often have matching yarn to work with.

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