Year of Projects


I cut the armhole steeks, seamed the shoulders, and I’m now on the sleeves of Arrowhead! I’ve decided to knit them two-at-a-time to make the colorwork a little easier. It will keep the chart fresh in my mind, and won’t be like starting over from scratch on the second sleeve. This is definitely a product knit for me, and I’m looking forward to finishing it.

I’m nearly to the toe on the second Merry Krampus sock. Maybe I’ll have a sock it to me Monday finished object tomorrow?


Joann Fabrics was having a big sale, and I picked up this springy cotton flannel for $2.99 a yard. I’m always running out of flannel PJ pants in the winter, and decided to sew another pair. Sometimes you can save money sewing your own!


Someone recommended I try making gluten-free sourdough snickerdoodles. They are delicious! I cobbled together a recipe, but it’s easy to find one online. I’m not a big snickerdoodle fan, so next time I might try gluten-free sourdough chocolate chip cookies instead.


I’m nearing the end of Barkskins. This means I can check off my book for the month, although I might also finish Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels. My bedside stack is still growing. I’ve promised myself to only blog about books that I’ve read recently, as my memory has proved fallible. These are my go-to titles right now.


I sketched a garden plan. It looks so neat and tidy on paper, but I know it will be a jungle anyway. It’s supposed to be nice this week, so I may start weeding and plant some greens under the little greenhouse.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can read my updated project list at this link. You can find out more about the group on Ravelry.

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects

  1. We have had good luck with King Arthur Measure For Measure gluten free flour for cookies. We have a fantastic rosemary shortbread cookie recipe – butter, sugar, flour, rosemary – with the cookies topped with course sugar and kosher salt. Make them for my daughter-in-law. That sweater looks warm and agree with doing colorwork sleeves 2 at a time. Good luck with your gardening. I gave up years ago. 😦

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  2. The sweater is going to be fantastic! SO fun to see it progress. The weather here has been warm (51 yesterday!) and I know it is just teasing me to think about gardening but we normally get slammed with a cold front and/or snow in late March so I’m trying not to think about green things too much right now….

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  3. Love the flannel so much that I think I will paint my bedroom in the background color from it!!! 😄 And of course your Arrowhead sweater is coming along swimmingly! My big problem with a successful GF cookie recipe is that I am the only one eating ALLL of them. I do freeze at least half as soon as they are cooled. But I know that they are in there! And I am a sucker for cookies. Ditto with everyone about needing to ignore the urge to start any kind of gardening. So wise of you to stick to gardening in a journal for the next few months. I read somewhere that most seedlings planted later will catch up to any started indoors earlier. So, I will keep oohing and awing over the gardening sites online at least until April, with hopes that things will have dried out enough by then to get at least the greenies started.

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  4. The Arrowhead is stunning. It would make a great vest too! You are such a great knitter. The fabric for the pj pants is adorable! I was outside working today it was so nice out…once all the ice melted! LOL!

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