Six More Weeks of Winter

I finally buckled down and finished the body of my Arrowhead Cardigan. Now it’s steeks, shoulder seams, sleeve and neckline knitting. It’s getting easier for me. I’m wishing I had it finished to wear this winter. It’s been so cold! According to Punxsutawney Phil, I’ve got six weeks.

I’ve finished the corrugated rib hem on Powdermill. I’m looking forward to starting the colorwork, but I think I’ll finish Arrowhead first.

I’m on the gusset of the second Merry Krampus sock. It won’t be long now!

In other news, I made vegan pho for the first time. It’s pretty good, for not beef. I’d like to tweak the recipe before sharing it.

I also left Facebook and am now completely off social media, except WordPress. (Is this social media?) I feel better. It’s making a difference in my mental (and therefore physical) health.

Are you ready for winter to end? I normally like winter, but I think I’m ready for warmer temperatures.

15 thoughts on “Six More Weeks of Winter

  1. Love the Arrowhead….don’t know what the other one will be….surprise!! We also getting 6 more weeks of winter….of course, we have had very little winter so far.

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  2. You made a lot of progress on your sweater and it looks great! Bet you get it done to have at least some wear-time with it before the truly cold weather disappears. (We here would actually like to have winter start. We’ve had virtually no snow and we really could use it.)

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  3. Each of your projects are eye poppers! They are all types of knitting that one needs to keep their head in, if you know what I mean. Down in the 20s here overnight. It will warm a bit this coming week, but it will bring rain with it. Ahh spring, how you give and take. Watched a great video on no dig gardening and once again I am inspired to try it. Now if the weather will just cooperate. Good on you for giving Facebook a rest. I had to forgo all social media from the get-go to stay on top of my work, and now I am glad that I made that choice. Though I do enjoy seeing what you are up to and little by little I am working on a WordPress blog site, too. I need to get comfortable with WordPress and taking and uploading pics before it will be open to all. I wish you could teach us how you make taking such great pictures look so easy!! 😂 Of course your beautiful knits do help!

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    1. I have been a photographer since high school. I was a professional photographer in my 20’s and my Bachelors degree is in Visual Arts: Studio with an emphasis in photography. So I’ve had lots of practice! Photography was my first creative love. Now I just use my phone and natural light. I like to keep it simple. I can’t wait to read your blog!

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      1. All of your training and practice, not to say native ability shows! Again, and again! Now I understand why so many of your pics happen out of doors. BTW – Just have to say your bowl on veggie Pho looks delish!

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  4. I left Facebook in Jan. 2021 after reading Dragnet Nation by Julia Angwin and Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. Afterward I occasionally regretted not being able to see family photos on FB, but now most relatives send me photos via text message. So I’m good. My annoyance now is with organizations and groups that communicate only via Facebook. Hey People, not everybody has a Facebook page!!!! Give us another option.

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  5. I love the colorwork of your projects! The food looks delicious. As for social media, I don’t blame you. It’s draining anymore. Glad it’s helped your mental health getting off of it! I’m ready for warmer weather too, this winter has been a strange one.

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  6. Goodness me but your knitting is amazing! beautiful! I left Facebook a few years ago now and don’t miss it one bit. I left Twitter after a middle aged, portly, bald, male, complete stranger sent me a photo of himself stark naked. Mm. I reported him but, you know, he just kept setting up new accounts with a different name! I am on Instagram but mostly follow cute animal people and mom or dad posts, so I spend my time on Insta chuckling to myself. Good for you. x

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