All the Reads

I finished Midwinter of the Spirit, book number 2 in Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series. I described these to a friend as, “Vicar of Dibley meets Wicker Man.” I’ve heard them called Folk Horror and Paranormal Cozies. I enjoy these books so much, I wanted to move right on to the next book in the series. Then I looked at the stack of books on my nightstand and decided to try to finish a few others first.

I’m really enjoying Adrienne Dillard’s second book, “Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels.” I’m taking it one chapter a day. I’m particularly appreciative of her treatment of Queen Jane Seymour. Let’s face it, usually you love her or you hate her. This author really fleshes her out as intelligent, cautious, and dissembling. Who wouldn’t be in her situation?

I’ve started listening to Barkskins on audiobook, by Annie Proulx. This is the result of a rabbit hole I went down, starting with an episode of Not Just the Tudors about a demonic possession in New France (French Canada). I became fascinated with colonial Quebec and started searching, and ended up on Barkskins. I’ve also finished watching the series on Apple TV.

I haven’t made much progress on Threads of Life. I’m hoping to pick it back up.

I’ve started watching Mayfair Witches, and am thinking about rereading the first book. I wasn’t a huge fan when I read it the first time, but maybe my maturity will improve it for me.

I’ve also got Batavia: The Night Ship on reserve at the library. The author was recently interviewed on Not Just the Tudors, and I thought it sounded like something I would enjoy. I get a lot of book recommendations from the podcasts I listen to!

We had a big snow yesterday! Bob came into my craft office (that’s what I’ve decided to call it) and asked me if I wanted to go sledding? Yes, thank you very much. I would love that. We weren’t able to sled as our hills aren’t steep enough, so we built a snowman instead.

12 thoughts on “All the Reads

  1. I have the Mayfair Witches book series sitting in my home library (found them cheap while thrifting last year) but I started watching the series and so far so good. I will probably read the books. I know Anne Rice also has a book Lasher and I am pretty confused watching the series who the heck is Lasher but hopefully someday it will all come together. Never heard of the Kindred vampire book, I love all things vampire so I have to check that out someday.

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  2. I must say that wintery days become you two! I hope you get to do some sledding! Sledding with my father is one of my earliest memories! We lived on a street that was perfect for sledding and there were often people – young and old, out playing on the good sledding days. Many would be trying to make a sharp turn that led to a very long slope that went over a small bridge at the bottom. You could hear the lovely sound of people laughing as they played. At night you could hear cars with chains trying to come up that hill. If they made it, they often would go past our house with one or two of the chains that had broken clanking against the car. I learned how to wax the sled runners and was allowed to drink coffee with cream and sugar! The sounds and smells and wintery feel of those days are all very good memories.

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