Sock It To Me Monday

I’ve been quiet lately. I was sick one week then we had a death in the family. But I’m back and I’ve finished one Merry Krampus sock!

I started these for me, but this is a new yarn and the gauge is looser than I normally knit for socks. Even though I knit them on a size 0 needle, these were still a little big for me. So I decided to make these for Bob. He really blows through the heels on socks, and I’m wishing I had tried a double knit heel on these. Maybe next time!

23 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. Great looking sock! I would wear it! We are expecting some pretty cold weather again by next weekend. It will definitely be a time for warm socks, sweaters and blankets. Have you ever knit those spiral rib socks? They might be worth a try for Bob’s lead foot heels. It’s either that or heels of horsehair! 😉

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    1. I’m wondering how he is hard on the heels…are his shoes slightly too loose and his heels are slipping back and forth when walking, if so maybe a heel grip in his shoes? Double knitted heel sounds a great idea though and would also stop the foot slipping around in loose shoes. Cute stripes.

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  2. Hey Alissa, I just had a bit of a brainstorm about the sock/heel dilemma. If you have enough yarn, you might knit up a swatch and boil it to see how much it shrinks/felts. Perhaps that would be a way to have the socks fit you…. or maybe the felted heel would be a solution to Bob’s heel needs. BTW – Bob is not the only person who is particularly hard a piece of his clothing. Many of my customers have elbow issues. Both men and women. Often they wear out one elbow only. And some people wear out the cuffs while others wear out the neckbands or hems. I often suggest the use of Ultra Suede for elbow repair. Even though it is not a natural fiber it is very resilient and washable as well as dry cleanable. It comes in many colors and thicknesses. Perhaps Bob could start a new trend and be the first with Ultra Suede heels! 😀

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