Boxing Day Round Up

I can now share my other gift make. This is yarn I knit into Rose City Rollers and a shirt we picked up while in Pittsburgh for Nova Scotia Nana who is a Steelers fan. Hi Nana! Yarn is Fibernymph Dyeworks Inversibles in black and gold.

Rather than list all my makes for 2022 — since I shared most of them on my Year of Projects Finale post — I thought instead I would share my totals and favorites.

I knit 15 projects and 8 miles of yarn in 2022. This is down from around 24 projects in previous years. It was a rocky year. My favorites are, below, Ocean Moon Shawl, Pumqueen Cardigan, Ghost Knitter’s Shawl, and Holiday Doodle Cowl.

I completed around 30 sewing projects in 2023, if you count multiples of the same pattern. This number includes project bags and shopping bags made as gifts or for sale in the shop. My favorites are, below, Plaid Flannel Shacket, Clare Coat, Spoopy Project Bag, Zero Waste Gather Dress, and Felix Dress.

I dyed fabric and yarn this year — some naturally, and some with low impact dyes. My favorites are the colorways for Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber, the black walnut fabric with iron mordant, and the wool and cotton yarn dyed with tansy that is complemented by the Hi Summer colorway. (I’m going to knit a Visser or Halvis out of these, as they look so good together.)

I did manage to improve my spinning this year, and just started with weaving. Not much to show right now, though.

Hand spun local Blue Faced Leicester (BFL)

I will blog about 2023 plans in another post. I miss Year of Projects and am considering rejoining, even though I needed the break. If you are still with me — either on this post or as a subscriber — thanks for reading and sticking with me this year.

We had a lovely low-key Christmas Day with all the kids and Granddog Cannoli. I hope you enjoyed your day!

15 thoughts on “Boxing Day Round Up

  1. Wow! You make a lot of stuff. I’m tired just thinking about it. 😆 It’s great seeing that big gang of young folks with you. Hope you had a good Christmas. BTW, is Cannoli named for the food or the famous Frenchie Cannoli?

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  2. Glad you got to spend Christmas with “the kids”. I’m thankful we fly back so we can spend Christmas with the Cincinnati “kids”. Love/hate your Steelers socks since I’m a Bengal fan. Your Chestnut Hill colorways were magnificent.

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  3. What a productive year! 8 miles of yarn knitted 🤩 I haven’t done my sums yet but I don’t think I’ve done half of that. You have so many pretty makes, I just love that blue coat you made and the spooky bag. Have a wonderful 2023.

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  4. Sending you many thanks for all that you share with us Alissa! I would be hard pressed to name a favorite item that you have made this year. Truly love the Ocean Moon Shawl and your Halloween cardi! I also love that great blue coat and I remember some perfect summer tops that you made that I liked very much, too! I hope you find much happiness in the coming year with your many projects and that you will continue to share them with us!!! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

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  5. One of the delightful things about having multiple craft interests is that you can focus on different things if your focus on one wanes a bit. Great end of the year wrap-up! Looking forward to more lovely things on your blog next year!

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