I have wanted to learn to weave for a couple of decades, but either time or expense prevented me. I now have the time, and my guild has looms available to borrow. I borrowed a Schacht Wolf Pup and am teaching myself how to warp!

I don’t have many tools, including a warping board, so I watched this video about winding a warp using chairs. It seems to have worked just fine. I created a spreadsheet to help me calculate the yardage needed for my project. I’m now ready to warp the loom.

What am I weaving? I thought a plaid scarf would be a good first project, and I’m basing the colors on the sunshine colorway from Studio Donegal:

I found some wool yarn in the correct sett for the loom reed from Gist yarn, in similar colors. It will be a plain weave. Originally I wanted to make a coat in the colors below, also from Studio Donegal:

I had lost this image, but found it while searching my blog for something else. If I enjoy weaving, I will make this my next weaving project. I only have this loom for one month, so I’d better get going on my scarf!

I’m not completely new to weaving, as I had a rigid heddle loom at one time. My hope was to eventually weave dish towels and other home textiles in cotton, which requires a finer weave than possible on the rigid heddle loom (at least the one I owned). I’m glad to be moving on to a floor loom.

Do I need another hobby? No. But this fulfills a long-time desire. At least I can say I tried!

14 thoughts on “Warped

  1. Oh Alissa, how I wish I could be sitting alongside you and learning to weave, too! It and spinning are still missing in my years of yarn and needle crafting. Though I get the basics of weaving, I am clueless about the terms and details of the true art of weaving. I wouldn’t know one loom from another, much less how to set up the warp threads. I went looking online last night for a site with some basics and landed on https://www.gistyarn.com/blogs/how-to-weave/how-do-you-tell-if-yarn-is-suitable-for-a-warp-for-weaving
    which was helpful. I know there are many other good sites too, but I liked the blue scarf, and the kitchen towel kits, so I wanted to share the link with you and everyone.
    Love the idea of renting a loom! Helps to keep doing your weaving ‘on the front burner’, so to speak! Wishing you great success and happiness with this project.

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  2. Oooh, a floor loom! I’ve thought about getting one, but for now I’m going to stick with my rigid heddle loom. I have multiple heddles for it, so I can do a finer weave than with the default heddle it came with, at least. I look forward to seeing what your scarf looks like!

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  3. The trick to making warping the loom unboring is to do it with a friend – generally faster, too! My floor loom is sitting unused – I’ve found that knitting is so much more portable. It’s hard to toss a 40″ loom in the car or camper, to pull out at a campsite or friend’s living room or my LYS. But everyone should at least try it!

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