Sunday Scones

I continue to bake with gluten-free sourdough starter. I am now baking scones following this recipe. Today I added chopped fresh cranberries and grated orange peel. They came out a little softer, but still delicious.

I am doing well with pizza dough and naan flat bread. My loaves were not coming out well, so Bob has taken over baking the bread. He trained me, though, so once I get the hang of his yeast blooming sorcery I will start baking loaves again and share the recipe.

I have a crackpot theory that US biscuits are based on UK scones, but after the American Revolution we decided to rename English things to make them our own. Watching Great British Bake Off, I have learned that in the UK they have biscuits (cookies) and cookies (also cookies). I’m not sure what the difference is, since all our cookies are called cookies here. Their pudding is any kind of dessert dish, and our pudding is a specific kind of dessert dish. Cake is cake, though. And pie is pie. I suppose it could be a change in language in the UK after the colonial period, like the British starting to pronouncing their H at the beginning of herb in the 19th century. I’ll do some research. (I did, and found this article online.)

I have a cold today so I’m going to curl up in front of the fire and rest.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scones

  1. I agree with Nana, your scones look absolutely good enough to eat! I like mine with jam in the winter and sliced strawberries and whipped cream in the summer. Now that I am gluten free, they can definitely go with (or under) a savory dish, too. I hear you on the Brits biscuit/cookie thingy. Remember when we could buy those packets of slightly sweet sesame cracker? I loved those!!! But since they were surely not GF, it is probably best that they are not tempting me, as they once did.
    BTW – it was a little tricky getting to this post…an Oops notice came up. But there was a link to Sunday Scones listed below it. Enjoy those lovely scones and get well soon!

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  2. Baked goods are complicated even within the UK. The regional variations on the naming of different types of breads can cause arguments that go on for years. I had to look up the difference between UK and US scones – it’s all so complicated! Anyway, they look tasty and that’s all that matters!

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  3. They look so yummy! It’s always fun to get into the origins and evolution of words, but in the end (when it comes to food) a biscuit by any other name would taste as sweet. 😉

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