Beauty… 🎃

Is in the eye of the beholder.

This little pumpkin was made by a young woman at the Ohio Craft Museum on Saturday. She wasn’t happy with the shape or the lines that formed, so I asked if she wanted to make a new one. She was much happier with the second one, and although I suggested she take both, she left this little guy behind. I thought the line made a great mouth and gave him two little eyes. He inspired some of the kids to put features on theirs. I brought him home and gave him to Bob. I think he has a lot of character.

I had a great time teaching at the event. One little boy whispered to his mom, “I can’t believe I made this!” I haven’t led a workshop in a long time, and I’d forgotten how rewarding it is.

14 thoughts on “Beauty… 🎃

  1. You are so right to have saved this little punkin and to have shared him with us! As someone who is still carving jack-o-lanterns and leaving on the front step until way past their prime, I totally love this little guy! Also love that you had kids at your workshop!!! I bet they loved your Halloween cardi, too!

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    1. They did! One little boy asked how I made it, and was it with “string” (there were weaving, knitting, and kumihimo stations too) and I showed him the inside floats. His mouth dropped open. So cute!


      1. Love hearing that there were all of those other workshops happening there, too! That is so cool. Over the years I have discovered a lot of kids (and men) wanted to watch me knit! And well, actually they wanted to learn to knit, too! I used to keep about 20 stitches going in garter stitch on a pair of short US8 needles in my knitting bag, just in case they wanted to try their hands at a row or two.
        Have A Happy Halloween Alissa! 🎃

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