Fall Fiber Fête

This week I’m recovering from a wonderful weekend full of friends, fiber, and fun! We met up for Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, and spent the weekend frolicking with fiber. (All the F words today, because alliteration is fun.) (Maybe not ALL the F words.) I got to meet Liz and Marilee in person for the first time!

These shopping bags were one of the secret projects I was working on before the trip. I made one for each attendee as a gift, and included a packet zinnia seeds.

I was also commissioned by Jess, another attendee, to create and dye this yarn colorway as gifts for everyone (including me!)

And There Was More Yarn

I was fairly restrained with my purchases, but I did buy a sweater quantity of Weekend Wool from Green Mountain Spinnery. These will be a Mountain Mist sweater. Last year, making the Back Porch Shawl in this yarn was the knitting highlight of my fall, so I decided I should knit a sweater with it. Also, Green Mountain Spinnery is a worker-owned cooperative. Just one more reason to buy from them! Definitely my favorite booth at the show.

I also purchased a couple of skeins from the Ewetopia booth. I thanked the owner for offering nonsuperwash yarn. I carefully picked out a couple of skeins without a project in mind. Then I decided I could knit a slip stitch cowl with these, and they would be shimmery together. The skein on the left reminds me of the twilight color of St. Clair that I tried to knit into a bobble hat. The universe is giving me a second chance at this color.

The only superwash I purchased was this gradient “Something Wicked” from Knit Circus when we went to The Sow’s Ear. I’m a sucker for a Halloween gradient. This notions pouch was from Mitchell Wool Company. As I was explaining to another guest why say no to superwash, the owner told me I’m her favorite person. I didn’t get any yarn from Mitchell Wool, but I’m linking it for another time. They have some gorgeous Targhee I know Sarah enjoyed knitting into a hat.

Speaking of hats! This guy was purchasing wool for his felt fungi hat creations. I was impressed enough to ask him if I could take his photo.

Travel Knitting

I ended up frogging my fall striped sock. Even on a size 0 needle, the 64 stitch recipe was too big. I’ll try again with 60 stitches. Luckily, I brought a small cake of Qiviuk yarn: qiviut, merino, and silk and cast on, yep, another blue beanie. It’s so soft and I’m always happy in a plain blue beanie.

On Monday, everyone else headed home and I was on my own until the evening. I stopped by Fiddlesticks Knits to say hi to @superradleesha who I met last year. She gave me a tour of all her current WIPs that were on display with the yarn in the shop, which was so fun! The shop was brand new when I visited last year. It has really filled out with lots of selections! Also, there were boob candles. Yes, you can have your boobs molded into custom candles, which honestly I think sounds like a lot of fun.

I purchased this Woll Wichtel from Fiddlesticks, because nonsuperwash + autumn colors = happy Alissa.

I also stopped into Mad City Music, and look at the treasures I found! Although I can sing along with the songs from the other three CDs, Rockabilly from Hell has surprised me with my new favorite spooky season selections.

My last stop before the airport was a trip to Sanitarium Hill to get my paranormal on. This is a working building, so I didn’t try to go inside. Instead I walked the grounds and took some photos. I did not see any ghosts or feel anything spooky. It felt very peaceful to me. I also wanted to have a drink at a haunted bar, but unfortunately it is closed for business.

Madison is a really fun place to visit. I would go back there in a heartbeat. Have you visited? If so, please leave a comment of your favorite places!

18 thoughts on “Fall Fiber Fête

  1. Looks like hanging out with friends and fiber is good for what ails you! Love those sheep totes! And all of the yarn looks great! Even though I work on manufactured fine knits every day that are mostly made from Superwashed merinos and cashmere, I’m with you on looking for non-Superwashed yarn for any hand knitting I do for myself. That mushroom hat is a hoot!!! They would be very popular here in the Olympics where we all collect Chanterelles in the fall. Love the bits of ‘moss’ he has added, too. And yes, I also think your new blue hat is very sweet!!! Enjoy!

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      1. Yes, people need more information to understand what Superwashing does to the fibers. It sounds great that it produces wool yarn that is easier to clean, etc. but in my experience manufactured knits made from Superwashed wools do not last as long as non-Superwashed items. As an example, I have often repaired 30+ year old classic Pendleton sweaters that are still in beautiful condition because they were made in the pre-Superwashed era and were well cared for, but not drycleaned to death. They have been occasionally handwashed and stored with love to prevent moth damage. The wool has retained its natural resiliency with this kind of care. On the other hand, the average manufactured Superwashed merino knit, though often machine washable does not boast such a long life. Nore, does it have the same resiliency or softness as it ages. The fibers become more brittle and will tend to give way at the seams as well as thin at the underarms and cuffs. So yes a Superwashed item may be easy to clean but you may not have it as long as you would a non-Superwashed item that you occasionally hand wash and store with a lavender or cedar sachet.

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  2. It was such a wonderful trip! It was so great meeting up with you and the other ladies in person!! That was definitely my favorite part. You got some great finds at the music shop – I was just listening to that B 52’s CD the other day 🙂

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  3. You have some great photos and found some fun things to fill your last day too. Thanks again for the beautiful bag and the yarn you dyed for Jess is so pretty. I’m still having a think on what it will become. It’s all my favourite colours.

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  4. Wow, what a wonderful time you had!! I love your bags, and the custom dyed yarn is to dye for! I never saw a purple that I didn’t want! I seems like you had a really great time, and I am rethinking my whole “I love superwash!” persona. I do struggle with eczema and the superwash makes it possible for me to wear wool socks and knits against my skin, but maybe I could indulge in a nice non superwash sweater or two…

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  5. Just wondering if you saw this interesting sock pattern on the latest email from ‘A Verb For Keeping Warm’. Here’ s the Ravelry link to the pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dustland-socks?utm_source=klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Campaign%20YARN%20%2F%2F%20Dustland%20Socks%20%28TYLtbr%29&_kx=QnfnHM6tzycQP9NYXcjzWZPHPkxRLh5xvzu-SPoF8OI%3D.T26c3k
    I thought the heel turning might be worth a try as well as the over-all pattern. 😀

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