Cranky and Caffeineless

With headings, so you can skip the things that don’t interest you.

My Bowels

My combo endoscopy and colonoscopy is done. They found two polyps (off for biopsies), diverticulitis, and an ulcer at the base of my esophagus. They are also testing for a history of Celiac, which is funny because my gastroenterologist told me to stop eating gluten several years ago, and I did. Overall, nothing to worry about, except that my brain needs some kind of stimulant and I am not allowed caffeine. I’ll try regular exercise and see how that goes before resorting to meds.

Crafty Stuff

I’m eco printing more of the Virginia cotton fabric today with black walnut leaves in iron mordant. My goal is black leaves on white for winter project bags for the shop. The mordant left red marks, so we’ll see how this turns out.

Movies… and Fiber Arts

I’m starting to notice knitting needles being used as murder tools in horror movies. Mostly, they are used by women against their attackers. As you can imagine, this makes my little knitting horror heart giddy with glee. Except when they attach a piece of crochet to the knitting needle!

If you are making a movie using a fiber arts tool as a weapon of destruction, but don’t know the difference between knitting and crochet, just stick the knitting needle in a ball of yarn! Or, ask someone who does know. Your mom might know. Let’s keep my suspension of disbelief alive.

Books and Tudors

Why do most works of historical fiction turn into romance novels? I suspect one of the reasons for my fascination with the Tudor period is because it was horrific: beheadings, burnings, plagues, politics. It was dark. I’m sure there may have been some people who fell in love, but had to marry someone else because it was arranged, then fell in love with that person, had lots of babies, most of whom survived, and lived happily ever after. My point is, I don’t read historical fiction because I’m looking for a love story. This honestly is not about any book in particular but more about my personal experience with the genre. Maybe I should stick to nonfiction? I know I’m the outlier here.

You know what I loved? Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy. Damn, that was brutal — just like the times.

Speaking of Tudors, another podcast I like is Not Just the Tudors with Suzannah Lipscomb. Lots of Tudor history but also witches, werewolves, and the most recent episode I listened to was about a 16th Century executioner. It’s always fascinating. I learn something new every time I listen.

I got to hang out with my babies today. They are amazing humans.

I also had knitting nails done today in preparation for my trip to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival.

My stepdaughter Sydney does them and she is just amazing. It was good to spend time with her catching up while getting my nails done.

I told Bob that without caffeine and alcohol (not allowed that either) and off meds, I’m going to get weirder and weirder. He said he’d strap in. He’s a keeper. Have a great week!

16 thoughts on “Cranky and Caffeineless

  1. Glad the testing is over and there is a path forward, but sorry about the no caffeine or alcohol! Your knitting nails look amazing – so cool! You made some pretty nifty humans there 🙂 And also, can’t wait to see how your fabric turned out!

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  2. It’s wonderful that you spent some time with your kids. Your nails look awesome–kudos to your stepdaughter! Hope you work around the lack of stimulants. When they make movies these days, they hire all sorts of consultants, why not a fiber arts one, right?

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  3. Coffee restrictions are my biggest fear! I am curious about the Tudors and your ideas are making me think. I do tend to avoid those books that are so much romance but I am planning to watch the Boylens series on PBS. I have not read Wolf Hall but now I am adding it to my ever growing list.

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  4. I’ve been told no caffeine, no alcohol, no chocolate, no salt, no, no, no! I have a latte every morning for my breakfast and that is the caffeine for the day because I decided I couldn’t live without it. I mourn the loss of chocolate…

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    1. I haven’t totally given up alcohol (gf beer, wine, and cider) yet. I don’t have it very often, and it’s something I still enjoy. Thanks to Covid, I’m not that upset about the coffee, tea, and chocolate. But I am upset about the caffeine!

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      1. I hear you. Alcohol was easy because I realized that it was making me pretty sick. For some strange reason the morning latte made me feel better, so I kept it up. On bad days I would get a Starbucks in the afternoon, When I was finally diagnosed with pulmonary hypertensin I found out that coffee has the same drug action (PDE5 inhibitor) as the drug I was prescribed. Crazy, huh!! My blood pressure is behaving itself, so I am still clinging to my morning latte!

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