Anna Bolina my Favorite Ang Regina

In preparation for The Boleyns, A Scandalous Family, and also the 365 Days with Anne Boleyn lecture series next year, I purchased some Anne Boleyn Hever Rose Portrait fabric on Spoonflower. Thinking this print repeat was pretty large, I also ordered some red Tudor Rose fabric to use with it. Oops! The Tudor Rose print repeat is even larger!

My plan was to pay homage to the Tudor square necked gown by sewing a square neck Fern blouse, using the Tudor Rose fabric for the bodice and cap sleeves, and the Anne Boleyn portrait fabric for long flowy sleeves and an extended peplum. Since both fabrics have a large print size, I may need to rethink my plan.

I do love how the current fascination with the Tudor era is inspiring fashion!

10 thoughts on “Anna Bolina my Favorite Ang Regina

  1. Oh, I think the Fern blouse is a winner. Perfect for staying cool in the summer, too. I see what you mean about the challenge of working with those big images. Short of a ball gown, not sure what else might work. This said, I love the slight scowl of Anne’s mouth on the one image!
    I seem to remember that you are not likely to do crochet work. This said, there are a few simple crochet edgings that are easily done and would make a pretty trim for the square neck openings. My favorite is of only two rows! Row 1: chain whatever length you desire and then Row 2: work backward on that chain without turning and do a single crochet in each chain stitch. This produces the prettiest little edging! Somewhat like on Anne’s square neck dress.

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  2. What a lovely plan, but I see your difficulty. That Anne print is beautiful though. I do like a square neckline, it’s my second favourite after sweetheart, neither of which are very common I find. Probably another reason to get into sewing…

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