Year of Projects Week 5/52 — Tansy Hapazome

Fiber Art / Natural Dyeing

I managed to get out into the garden this morning to weed and noticed it’s time to harvest the tansy! Tansy is one of those dye plants with natural tannins like indigo, so it doesn’t need a mordant. I decided to test a Hapazome print on the edges of my remaining indigo printed Virginia cotton.

I’m pleased with how this came out. Now I need to decide if I want to continue to print on this fabric, or order more. I think I will order more, as I want to experiment with black walnut leaves and iron mordant.

I may also kettle dye some Virginia cotton and wool yarn with tansy this week. Since this blend of fibers doesn’t take readily to acid dyes or fiber reactive dyes for plant fibers, a natural dye pot may be just the thing it needs!

My flax is also ready to harvest. There are a few stalks that are already too far gone with ripe seed heads, but most is still ok. So that’s another fiber art project this week.


I’m super close to finishing my Halloween Livie shawl. One more section then bind off!


I should finish my Gather dress and Bob’s Marvel shirt this week.


Since I came down with Covid, I didn’t spin for the last week of Tour de Fleece. I need to oil my wheel and get back to spinning.

This has been a Year of Projects (YOP) update. You can read my updated list here, and my original list at this link. You can find out more about the group on Ravelry or Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list.

26 thoughts on “Year of Projects Week 5/52 — Tansy Hapazome

  1. How interesting to read about plant you dye with. Having never dyed, it is a bit of an education for me. Love that shirt for you husband. I hope your covid is all gone now.

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  2. You are very clever! I’d never heard of Hapazome printing. Am determined to try it though. I hope it will work with crepe myrtles and . . . Have to take inventory of what’s left to use aside from the two plants that are resistant to our intolerable temps here in Texas. There’s a single coreopsis in a clay pot- far too valuable to uproot; and the lovely persistent crepe myrtle. Jasmine won’t work. I can always try fig leaves? Mulberry leaf? Dang. I’ll have to brave the heat for a recon. 🙂

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  3. I didn’t mean to put my comment as a reply – I was liking the giant comment (curse the predictive text!) Anyway sentiment us the same!

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