Friday FO: This is Halloween 🎃

I finished knitting my Pumqueen Cardigan, and I love it! Pattern is Fall Favorites Collection by Meghan Regan. Yarn is Cascade BFL. The yarn is a little toothy but silky, and has wonderful drape and stitch definition. Buttons from The Button Bird.

My next Halloween sweater will be the same pattern, but a short sleeved gradient pullover with purple cats!

This La Bien Aimée gradient has been in my stash since the great yarn hoard of 2020. I bought the purple to go with it, and over dyed the green. I wanted the green for the cat’s eyes. Now I’m thinking a pale teal would have gone with the set better. The original green of the yarn was too pale. This yarn is sport weight, but it’s superwash so it will grow. I’m also a loose knitter. Don’t worry. I’ll knit a swatch. Maybe that will also help me decide what to do about the green.

18 thoughts on “Friday FO: This is Halloween 🎃

  1. Can’t believe I completely forgot to jot down my initial thoughts–my compliments on the Pumqueen Cardigan–in my comment! 🙂 I think the buttons go beautifully with the rest of the colors. Awesome job! ❤️

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  2. You look so cute! I love this photo of you and the sweater is fabulous. I love the ectoplasm-ish buttons, they bring out the green in the colourwork. The green definitely looks like cat eye colour and will pop, so looks like a good choice to me as an accent colour. Oh my that purple one though and the speckly one….oooh! I’ve not had a chance to squish any La Bien Aimee yarn before so interested to know how you like knitting with it.

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  3. This sweater looks great! I could see the green for the cats’ eyes working quite well—maybe with some green in the border sections would tie it together, too? The green + purple combination does have more of a Halloween feel, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

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