Halloween in July: Wednesday WIPs

Kathy is hosting Christmas in July (or whatever holiday you like) and I am low-key participating with Halloween in July.

My Livie shawl is growing, and I’ve cast on my 2 Spooky Hat kit which I purchased last October. I don’t have a Halloween hat, and I’m on a mission to remedy that by October 1! I finished my Pumqueen Cardigan, which I’ll post about on Friday.

I’m still spinning (almost) daily for Tour de Fleece. I’m 3/4 of the way through this farm BFL braid. Tomorrow I’ll finish spinning it. On Friday I’ll ply. Then comes my favorite part: dyeing! What colors should I dye it? I’m thinking of experimenting with winter holiday colors.

What are you working on this week?

11 thoughts on “Halloween in July: Wednesday WIPs

  1. Looking good! I love how clean undyed white fiber looks as it’s getting spun up… though I’ve been spinning a mostly purple art batt with all the colors thrown in (sari silk is one of the additions, and it’s super colorful) so maybe I’m just loving the white handspun because it’s the complete opposite to what I’ve been spinning… 😉

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  2. So happy to hear that you are spinning!!!! It’s looking good! I think the shawl pattern looks very interesting, too. This week I am reknitting moth holes in 3 rather special dresses that were machine knit by the grandmother of my customer. They are each made with textured yarns that were popular back-in-the-day. That yarn makes the reknitting a challenge… but challenge in a re-knitter’s middle name. My tv-knitting is reknitting the forearms of the sleeves of a beautiful fine knit Alpaca pullover from Peru that a puppy damaged. The Alpaca is lovely to work with.

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  3. I think it’s interesting that you are thinking dying, before deciding on project! I think I’d probably dye for a project, like I do if I want a particular colorway for a particular piece – I don’t (or rarely) spin, but sometimes dying yarn is the only way to get what one wants, or to experiment with an idea.

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