Friday FO: Linen Clyde Jumpsuit

I finished sewing my Clyde Jumpsuit. I love it! I’ll be wearing this regularly the rest of the summer. Pattern by Elizabeth Suzann Studio. Fabric is mid weight indigo linen from my stash.

I brought up the shoulder seams by an inch. I’m not crazy about the low back, so I may try to sew the next one with the back neckline the same as the front. I’m not sure why my bias facings aren’t laying flat. Maybe I need to pull them tighter when sewing, although I did try to do that. These are all reference notes for the next time I sew this pattern.

I saw on Instagram that someone made this pattern with corduroy. I’m wondering if I could pull that off for a winter version. I have some teal corduroy in my stash. I was saving it for another pair of overalls, but I’m wondering if this pattern would suit better. I’ve never sewn with corduroy before, so that should be interesting. It might be better to sew facings instead of bindings with the corduroy since it’s so thick.

14 thoughts on “Friday FO: Linen Clyde Jumpsuit

  1. Cool and comfy, my kind of hot weather clothing. For me a winter version would have too many gaps for cold air, I like to be snug and tucked in when it’s cold, but that’s just me. Would look cute in corduroy.

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  2. So cute! I have sewn facings for corduroy in cotton, which has worked well. I think it will be super cute! (Though highland heffalump maybe right about the gaps…)

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  3. This is so you Alissa! I can here the AHHH! from here with the comfort that no waist style is giving you. Absolutely go for the corduroy version. You might grab a scrap of corduroy and make something simple with it to get a feel for sewing with corduroy and using another fabric for the facing. Something else that might be cute on a linen or some such fabric would be to embroider something on the pockets before they are sewn in place and perhaps at the neckline, too. This could be as simple as a few daisies to something like leapfrogging frogs! 🙂 As far as wearing this style in the winter, it would be very cute with a turtleneck and gee I hear you do some knitting and might have a cute cardi or two to wear with it!

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