Thorsday Garden Update

The Calendula is one of the few plants thriving in the garden this year.

I’m finally starting to get Tansy buttons! I look forward to dyeing with these.

The flax is going gangbusters. It’s close to time to harvest!

The dye plants that survived the spring slugs are doing well: indigo, madder, and black hollyhocks. The soapwort survived the transplant. I’ve even got a secret okra plant!

I haven’t seen any frogs in a few days. I hear them singing in the woods, though. Maybe it’s mating season?

12 thoughts on “Thorsday Garden Update

  1. I am reminded of Rosemary’s Baby every time I see tansy. LOL. I miss gardening. The only thing to survive our hellish Texas temps is a single coreopsis. It’s a beautiful golden pot of glory. The crepe myrtle and jasmine are hanging in there and actually thriving. They’re more than enough considering. I’d love to have flax. Perhaps I should give it a try next year. Be well.

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  2. I placed an order for blue flax and discovered a scarlet! 🙂 Both are heat tolerant and grow in poor soil. Ours is clay. Is probably why the coreopsis thrives in a pot on the patio. LOL. Thanks again.

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