Wednesday WIPs

I finished one button band on my Pumqueen Cardi and sewed ribbon to the facing. Once I’ve blocked it, I’ll hand stitch that down to the inside. I’ll start knitting the other button band today, but I’ll need to wait until I get the buttons to finish it with the buttonholes and everything.

I also cut out a Clyde Jumpsuit in indigo midweight linen. I barely squeaked it out of my three yards. Good thing I needed the short size!

I also started spinning some farm BFL roving today. I think BFL may be my new favorite fiber.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I don’t really understand button bands which is why all my knitted cardigans are button free. The ribbon you’ve chosen goes really well. BFL is a great fibre to spin, it’s longer staple length makes it easier to get an even yarn. It’s definitely one of my favourite breeds to spin.

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  2. This sweater looks great! I’ve historically never paid much attention to what kind of sheep my wool came from but I’ve heard that BFL is one of the easier ones to spin. I think I need to start paying attention more, so I can see if I have a favorite.

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