Friday FO: Free Range Slacks II

I wrapped up my second pair of Free Range Slacks today in this medium weight olive linen from Fabric Mart. They were having a linen sale, so I stocked up. This color is a bit on the gold side, but I love it. And yes I will be wearing it just like this, with a fitted tee tucked in.

My next sew will be the Clyde Jumpsuit in indigo linen from stash. After that, I’ve got a Florence Top and a Gather Dress in more linen. By the time I’ve finished those, it should be the end of the summer and I’ll be thinking about fallish makes in corduroy and wool, but probably knitting mostly.

It’s funny I don’t wear linen in the fall, winter, or spring. I could certainly wear linen blouses or dresses under wool sweaters, but I don’t. It’s a hang up, like wearing white dress shoes only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. (Not that I have any white dress shoes.) Or not mixing metals in jewelry. I recently bought a pair of small hoop earrings with gold and silver in them as an intentional way to buck the fashion police. “Look at me! I’m wearing gold and silver together! At the same time!”

How about you? Do you wear linen during any other season except summer? Or do you have any other arbitrary fashion rules you question but follow anyway?

10 thoughts on “Friday FO: Free Range Slacks II

  1. They look so comfortable and cool in the heat you get. I only wear linen in summer …and given our lack of summer it ends up only being a few weeks I wear it. So I have linen trousers 15 years old that still look pretty new. I have no rules except comfort. My jewellery doesn’t fit me any more but I used to wear different metals.

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  2. These really look nice – they fit well and look super comfy. I don’t wear much linen at all right now (hoping to change that), but years ago I had a 1930s-look suit I made myself in navy blue linen with white collar and piping and I wore that year round (one of my favorites of all time).

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  3. I don’t have a lot of linen to wear, but the temperature makes more of a difference to me than the season. I don’t much wear dresses once it snows; my linen pants are too light weight once temps drop significantly. I mix metals all the time – dating from when only gold would work in my ears, but I was making silver jewelry. Rules – schmools!

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