It’s a Jungle Out There

You know how they say when you time travel you shouldn’t change anything, because you could change everything that follows? The same is true of nature. If you change the habitat, for example add a little pond for frogs to eat your slugs, you might end up with water spiders.

Water spiders?! Yes, water spiders. I have yet to identify this one. I thought maybe it was dead. It was nearly as big as my little frogs. Then I googled “water spiders” and found out there are indeed water spiders that eat tadpoles. Oh no you don’t. I scooped it up and put it in the grass. Are those baby spiders on its back? Is this a wolf spider? I see they do that. Anyway, no frogs for you!

The raccoons had a holiday weekend hootenanny last night. Drunk on hummingbird nectar, they had the bright idea to tear my National Wildlife Federation birdhouse off of the tree! and pry open the metal plate on the back! presumably to get to wren eggs. Impressive! But the joke is on you, masked bandits. Wrens make dummy nests! No eggs for you!

I think today I’ll stay safe and cool inside and work on my Halloween cardigan. We are watching Joe Bob’s Last Drive In — Uncle Sam because that’s what we do.

10 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle Out There

  1. My oh my! Never have seen anything like that spider. If those are baby spiders, there seem to be some on the legs, too. Otherwise, it looks to be dressed up for a very fancy-dress Spiders Ball! If it eats tadpoles, I wonder if it might also eat mosquito larva? I mean how many tadpoles could a spider eat? Even one that big! Where’s a good spider authority when you need one?!?! Setting the spider and raiding raccoons aside, love the pick of your sweet frogs cooling themselves in your pond! What a sweet threesome.

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  2. Holy crap – that spider is terrifying! You are braver than I am. And jerk racoons! So glad they didn’t get any bird eggs. Whew! I love hearing about your menagerie – you have a lot going on there!

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  3. I could definitely use a hand with keeping my slug population under control, but I’m not sure I have anywhere suitable for a pond. And I definitely don’t want to risk that spider in the garden. Now I quite fancy raccoons but that’s probably because we don’t have them here 😀

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