2022-2023 Year of Projects

This is my new list for a Year of Projects 2022-2023. You can find out more about the group on Ravelry or Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. I love being part of this group.

Knitting List

I’d like to get through the first 16 of these projects by July 1 of next year. There are several sweaters and knitalongs on this list, so I’ll try not to add any more of those. This gives me a little room to add a few more spontaneous projects since I normally finish about 20 in a year.

  1. Arrowhead Cardigan in Lettlopi
  2. Pumqueen Cardi in Cascade BFL
  3. Summer Solstice Wrap KAL
  4. Powdermill
  5. Knitter’s Dude in Comfy for Bob
  6. That Old Christmas Moon Shawl
  7. Auchnaha in Schiehallion in Mooring
  8. Halloween Livie
  9. Cozy Autumn Socks
  10. Taxus Mitts in Tukuwool Fingering
  11. Holiday Doodle Cowl
  12. Christmas Pudding Socks
  13. Willow in Moonstone Arcadia
  14. Super Simple Summer Sweater in Cestari Ash Lawn
  15. Seavaiger
  16. Hansel Hap in Ramsay Farms fawn katmoget Shetland with Jamieson and Smiths for trim colors
  17. Stash Aurealis
  18. Glenan in Tarheelbilly Farm Tunis (I may dye this)
  19. Skipwith in black Rauma Finullgarn
  20. Undulation Shawl in Shilasdair Tansy
  21. Straw Cardigan in Tukuwool DK
  22. ‘Onipa’a Shawl in Mindful Folk yarn
  23. Peerie Flooers. I have the J&S Shetland yarn for the original version of this that you can see in the show Shetland.
  24. Celtic Tree Handwarmers
  25. Long sleeve Treit in Foxglove
  26. Sunset Slouch
  27. Strom Cardigan
  28. Peace Fleece Ronan in Siberian Midnight
  29. Brown Felt Cowgirl Hat

Sewing List

I’ve added more tops and bottoms, which was the result of my Me Made May challenge. In addition to this list, I’d like to sew some underwear this year with my knit scraps.

  1. Free Range Slacks in black and olive linens
  2. Mocha Tunic in yellow linen
  3. Florence Top in cream floral linen
  4. Clyde Jumpsuit in indigo linen
  5. Ophelia Overall shorts in red linen
  6. Gather Dress in floral print linen
  7. Ottobre blouse in Liberty blue paisley lawn
  8. Lauren Boyfriend Shirt in aqua and apricot linens
  9. Two A-line Tees in batiked cottons
  10. One Hour Top in navy polka dot knit
  11. Audrey Pants in navy stretch cotton twill and gray cotton twill
  12. Ophelia Overalls in teal corduroy
  13. A Logan Shacket in navy wool flannel
  14. Ottobre Coat in black wool floral embossed coating


My goal for this year is to dye yarn in seasonal colorways for the shop. I also hope to dye with tansy flowers from my garden this year, and experiment with other natural dyes.


Participating in Tour de Fleece will be a great start to getting back into spinning again. I will set a goal of spinning my Coopworth fleece this year. I don’t know if that’s realistic or not, but it’s good to have a goal.

Fiber Art

I will try again to harvest and ret the flax this year. If I succeed, I’ll spin and dye it, and weave it into a wall hanging.

22 thoughts on “2022-2023 Year of Projects

  1. I love your YOP image! There are some lovely project ideas here, I really like Powdermill , it’s so cheerful. I’d like to get back into doing some dyeing so I’m looking forward to seeing your progress there. I hope you have a great YOP!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading your list. Best wishes on completing all these projects in addition to running your business. Your yarn colorways are simply beautiful. Too bad I already have 7 years of stash.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I started your post yesterday clicked on a few links and then went down a pattern black hole and forgot to comment. You have some fabulous plans for the year ahead and you are going to have a very stylish wardrobe of clothes. Some great patterns here.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve wanted to sew my own underwear for about 15 years, I even purchased MULTIPLE patterns to do so. Let me know how yours turn out. I have a difficult time finding “the perfect pair”. The leg is always too high, or the rise too low, or the rise and leg are too high.
    The rest of your list looks like an ADVENTURE!!

    Liked by 1 person

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