2021-2022 Year of Projects Finale

This is my finale post for a Year of Projects 2021-2022. My goal was to not deviate from the list too much, which is laughable.

Fiber Art

  1. I had a solo show in September 2021, and I made a body of work for this show. I finished ten pieces.
  2. I grew flax and tried to process it to weave an art piece. This was unsuccessful, as I over-retted the flax.
  3. I experimented with fresh leaf indigo printing from my garden.

In 2021-2022 I finished 21 pieces of knitting:

  1. Pride Socks for Bob
  2. The Lonely Heart is a Hunter Mystery Knit Along (Rav link)
  3. Milkshake Cardigan
  4. Cemetery Drive Cowl
  5. Nova Scotia Strong Hat for Margie
  6. Autumn Advent: Point Edwards Mitts
  7. Sleepy Hollow Socks
  8. Back Porch Shawl
  9. Number 9 Beanie
  10. Marled Alaska Cowl
  11. Christmas Ranunculus sweater in The Fibre Co. Arranmore
  12. Unbearable Hat for Henry
  13. Celtic Myths Showl
  14. Gourd Party Socks
  15. All Sass and No Squatch Hat
  16. Musselburgh Hat for Freya
  17. Clog socks
  18. Spring Thaw Bandana Cowl
  19. Vertices Unite
  20. Ocean Moon Shawl
  21. Blueberry Popover Day socks for Bob

In 2020-2021 I finished knitting 22 items, so this tracks. Although I now have 29 items on my knitting to do list. I hope to increase the number I finish this coming year. I’ve got three sweaters on the needles. Last year I knit two sweaters, but somehow I finished four sweaters the year before.

Finished Sewing

  1. Emerson shorts in natural linen
  2. Halloween PJ Pants 1
  3. Halloween PJ Pants 2
  4. Ophelia Overalls in Purl Linen
  5. Barcelona Dress in lavender linen
  6. Pietra Pants in dark blue chambray
  7. Piedra Dress in Headless Horseman fabric
  8. Plateau Joggers in olive French terry, black merino interlock, navy and gray speckle cotton fleece
  9. Mile End Sweatshirt in black merino interlock
  10. A Logan Shacket with plaid flannel
  11. Mile End Sweatshirt in Pink Velour
  12. Clare Coat
  13. Gray Speckle Piedra Dress
  14. Born to Knit Melba Dress
  15. Paranormal Day Dress
  16. Felix Dress in floral cotton voile
  17. Black Melba Dress
  18. Eggplant Linen Felix Dress
  19. Charcoal Melba Dress
  20. Spoopy Project Bag

It’s difficult to keep count of finished sewing since I tend to sew multiples of the same pattern. This year I made a lot of PJ pants, joggers, and dresses. Comfort has been key as I try to manage my health.


I replaced my spinning wheel and took a class to get started.

Most Proud Make

I made a coat! It wouldn’t win any sewing awards, but it is wearable. I learned interlining and how to bag out a lining in a garment. I expect I will get a lot of wears out of it this year if we have a cold winter.

Favorite Makes

I can’t choose one. These are the items I find I’m using most. I guess I’m a shawl person now.

This is my final post for Year of Projects 2021-2022. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. I’ve enjoyed being part of this group. I’m thankful Liz mentioned it to me! Next week I will post my plans for 2022-2023.

30 thoughts on “2021-2022 Year of Projects Finale

  1. You did amazing. I am still in awe of the coat you made. That was quite a project and it turned out so well. I agree that comfort is the key to anything that goes on a body. I no longer worry about fashion trends. Comfort is my fashion trend lol. Looking forward to seeing your next year’s accomplishments.

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  2. WOW!! Just the knitting projects alone are amazing. Then there are all the sewing projects! Then there are felting and spinning! I’m worn out. I always enjoy all your projects and posts. What a great year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How do you pick a favorite? I love your project bag, and the shawl on the beach and of course….the Halloween cowl I love all your makes and that coat is to die for! What a beautiful job you did!
    I look forward to (copying) your projects this next year! LOL! You’re my role model!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fantastic achievement for the year. So many of these as I was thinking were my favourite. I love the back porch shawl, the coat, the hat with the bears on and that aubergine dress…ooh that colour is lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a great crafty year you’ve had! So many wonderful projects and I love seeing all of them (but particularly have enjoyed all of your sewing.) Looking forward to seeing all of the things for the next 12 months 🙂

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  6. Whoa!!! What a great round up!
    You really have made your own wardrobe this year! I love the coat, its everything you want a winter outerwear piece to be: minimal (I don’t like fussy coats), colorful (winter is drab enough), enough space for wearing a bulky sweater, long enough in body and sleeve, a neckline that blocks the cold, USABLE pockets!

    I love your art pieces too, any upcoming shows scheduled?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! 💙 No, I’m moving away from art for arts’ sake. I don’t enjoy it as much or get as much satisfaction from it as I do making garments. I will still experiment, though. I may submit pieces I’m happy with to the Ohio State Fair or group shows occasionally.


  7. What an amazing collection of Projects, you got so much accomplished this year. And of course, the beauty of the list is that you can add and deviate to your hearts content!

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