Thursday Three: Fiber Arts Edition

A friend asked if I could dye yarn for her. She had white silk and kid mohair and wanted blues. We decided to try dyeing it in the ball. I was doing research about it, and this seemed to be a way to easily get a mottled effect. I dyed the balls using a low immersion process. The aqua dye exhausted faster than I expected, so I added a bit of a different blue. The result is lovely and we’re both pleased!

If you are fascinated by fiber processing, Osborn Fiber Studio shared this post about an Inuk owned Qiviut mill in Canada.

Fiber Arts by Carola has been sharing indigo cloth dyeing and resist design patterns. In Stitching Up My Blues, the artist explains the indigenous medicine practice of stitching and binding fabric as a way to process intergenerational trauma.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Three: Fiber Arts Edition

  1. Such a true blue! It lifts my spirit. Many thanks for sharing your dyeing adventures and all of those wonderful links. I will feast on them today!! The U of BC at Okanogan looks to be a wonderful place to plan a visit.

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