Année de Projets

Knitting: My goal was to finish Bob’s socks for Father’s Day, and I did!

Bob likes the socks I knit for him, which makes me want to knit them more. Yarn is Knit Spin Farm’s Blueberry Popover Day colorway in Targhee Sport. No pattern, just a recipe. For sport weight I used 56 stitches on size 3 US needles.

I also finished the yoke on my Pumqueen Cardigan. Now It’s rows and rows of blissful stockinette until the border.

I sewed and dyed last week, but won’t be able to share photos until the summer boxes are shipped and received.

This week I will be casting on a Summer Solstice wrap. I’m still fussing about the yarn colors, so today I think I’ll wind my yarn and label each one for the order. I’ll feel better if I have a plan.

For sewing this week, I’ve decided to try the Free Range Slacks pattern in black linen. I’ve been seeing them on Instagram, and they look very comfortable. If I have enough fabric, I’ll make a matching a-line tank to wear with them, like a suit. Will I really wear it that way? Who knows? But I like options.

For spinning, I’m going to participate in Tour de Fleece in July. I won’t be participating officially, as I’m such a noob. But I will spin every day, and I will watch the Tour de France. I should at least be able to get through the wool top that came with the wheel. On challenging days, I’ll ply, or maybe try color.

It’s unseasonably cool, which means it’s a good day to weed the garden. I check on my frog daily. I had two at one point, but it looks like we’re back to one. I worry about Croque. I really shouldn’t, since he chose to be there and can leave if he wants. I probably make him nervous, staring at him every morning, talking to him, “Bonjour, Croque! Ça va? Qu’est-ce que tu manges?” It’s a great way to practice my French. He’s very polite and doesn’t correct me.

This has been a Year Of Projects (Année de Projets) update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

31 thoughts on “Année de Projets

  1. Love that you finished the sox……look great…..and love that you are practicing your French with Croque…..

    Enjoy your day……love you….Nana

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  2. Congrats on getting the socks done for Father’s Day. Love your Halloween sweater. I’m anxious to start my Halloween cowl. I too will enjoy the break from the excessive heat and humidity to do some gardening today.

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  3. Good job on getting the socks done for you hubby. It does make fun to knit for someone that likes wearing your knits. Those pants do look comfy. I would love to hear you talking to your little frog.

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  4. The yoke looks great. I am going to tackle a yoked sweater in the fall, my first ever – but first I have to decide on the colours – that is definitely the hard part for me.

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  5. Bob’s socks look awesome and finished just in time for Father’s Day too! I look forward to seeing your Free Range pants. I have that pattern too but haven’t made a pair yet.

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  6. Those trousers look like they’ll be super comfy and keep you cool once it warms up again. I think a matching top would be lovely as you could accessories it. Hopefully the frog was busy eating slugs when you were looking in the pond for it.

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  7. Great socks and it sounds like they are very much appreciated. Lucky you with cool temps….it’s hotter than hades here! ICK! I am over the moon on that Halloween sweater….I may have to take the plunge even though I have never done colorwork. It’s gorgeous! Good for you on the spinning…another item on my bucket list AND learning a language. You can make a frog house by cracking off part of a clay pot and setting it upside down in your garden. Just a thought. You are so productive!

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  8. The socks and the sweater both look great! I hope Croque is okay. Though I realized that I mentioned on a prior post that we have kept fish in ponds to manage the mosquito larvae, but that’s not the best plan if you want to have tadpoles in your pond eventually, too. There’s lots of ideas online for ways to make your backyard pond frog friendly, though. Maybe some of them address how to both avoid mosquitos and help frogs.

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  9. Great socks – they look like they fit perfectly and between that and the great yarn color… I can see why he loves them. You should totally consider yourself participating in the TdF. Everything you described is exactly what the Tour is, so I think it counts! (PS If you need a mellow, easygoing team to join, my friend, Laura, at The Corner of Knit and Tea (she has a Ravelry group) is hosting one. Absolutely NO pressure about yardage or even spinning all the time – more about just fun to see what everyone works on for the month.)

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  10. I did download the pattern(s) for the colorwork sweater. It says it is a DK sweater but then in the suggested yarn it calls for Knit Picks Mighty Stitch which is a worsted…what do I do? What are you using? I would rather it be too big than too small. At 73 I have no figure anymore! LOL!

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  11. Just looking at Bob’s new socks warms my toes! Love the colors. And of course, your Pumqueen Cardigan work is terrific! I would love to have that cardi to wear at Halloween time! Love the pants pattern, though I would probably convert the pockets to the side seam type as I have had my phone fallout of the slash pocket style one too many times!?! BTW, have you ever tried the waistband elastic that has buttonholes in it? It is a way to easily adjust the fit for days when we need it. 🙂 Good on you for finding ways to make spinning part of your life. I never got around to doing that and I so wish I had! So, I wish you happy spinning!

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  12. I am so in LOVE with that sweater! Bob’s socks are really nice too, they definitely give me blueberry dessert vibes!
    I can’t wait to see more of your handmade wardrobe! You always pick the NICEST fabrics!

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