Throw a Steek on the Barbie: A Year of Projects Update


I’m a few rows shy of the shoulder shaping and bind off on my Arrowhead cardigan! I had hoped to see the back of this project by now. (See what I did there?) I can’t imagine wanting to work on a Lopi coat over the summer. But, I would love to have this done by fall. I’m looking forward to cutting the steeks!

See how excited I am about steeking?!

I’m also nearing the toe on Bob’s Blueberry Popover Day sock, and have reached the jack o’lanterns on my BFL Pumqueen cardi.


As promised, I sewed another spoopy project bag. It’s available in my shop. I don’t have plans to sell many handmade goods unless they are made from materials I already have, or that are leftover from personal projects. I’m trying to keep it small and sustainable.

I would like to get more Pietra pants sewn in the black and indigo linens I have, and a Felix dress from some purple linen in my stash. I’ve updated my list to include those. I would love to sew some pleated twill pants, but I’m undecided on a pattern. I’m looking at Style Arc’s Audrey Pant. I love their clear and concise pattern instructions and intuitive construction. I have gray and navy twills for these.

I have yet to finish my Me Made May challenges. I’ll squeeze at least one more in today or tomorrow.


Nope. I look at my spinning wheel, a lot. But I prefer knitting.


I mowed the front yard today. That’s why my face is red in these photos. Also, Bob was clearing a section of brush, and found wild roses. I love wild roses! I know a place is home if there are wild blackberries and wild roses. As far as cultivation goes, everything is planted except the okra and sorrel. I need to get them in the ground, because something keeps disturbing the starts that are in pots. I think they are looking for slugs to eat, which I applaud. I wish they would not disturb the baby plants, though.

This has been a Year Of Projects (YOP) update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

13 thoughts on “Throw a Steek on the Barbie: A Year of Projects Update

  1. You are nearing the finish line of your Arrowhead. Steeking is still a bit scary for me. If I ever need to do it, I will make sure I am at an LYS incase I need encouragement lol. Your project bag is very cute. Good luck on the gardening. How nice to have found some wild roses.

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  2. LOVE that Halloween project bag! You have such cute fabrics I’m sure there will be some fun project bags in the future. That sweater does look a bit heavy for summer knitting. I think I’ve just decided to delay any sweater knitting till the fall!! I have plenty of tees and socks in my queue to get me through the hot weather.

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  3. Your sweater is amazing…and steeking? You are so brave. I love your Halloween bag and if I had money to burn I would buy it in a heartbeat! It’s is gorgeous and I adore Halloween. You are so talented!

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  4. Yes you certainly do look ‘excited’ about the steeking on your horizon. I am always so nervous to steek and yet if you follow the instructions it always works out fine – imagine that!

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  5. Arrowhead is looking great – cheering you on/sending moral support to get it done and get the steeks finished up! There are certain things that make a place smell like home to me. When we bought our house years ago in Vermont, when we got out of the car to look at it, I told my husband this was THE ONE – it just smelled like home already. (Apparently it’s Joe Pye Weed, meadow grass and pine woods).

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