Wednesday WIPs: a Mid-Week YOP Update

My weekends have been fairly busy, and I haven’t been able to post a Year of Projects update in a bit. So here’s a combo post!


I am working on sport weight socks for Bob, a Halloween cardigan, and my Arrowhead cardigan. The yarn shown in the featured image is from my stash and will be used in a Summer Solstice Ambah knitalong. I am also working on my knitting pattern design for the Volunteer Sunflowers yarn mystery box.

The Halloween cardigan is from the Fall Favorites Collection, Pumqueen version. The yarn is Cascade BFL, which I am really enjoying working with. I’m modifying the pattern to be a cardigan with a steek.


I am focusing on project bags right now. I hope to have a finish to show by Friday. But I did sew matching KISS pajama shorts for Bob and me.


I continue to experiment. I am mostly focusing on the Volunteer Sunflowers yarn mystery box yarn. Only one week left to order. Please share with people you think would be interested!


I haven’t been doing this. I hope to start back up next month.

In other news:

We have two baby groundhogs in the garden right now. They are so cute.

We enjoyed our trip to ParaPsyCon III at the Ohio State Reformatory. Very creepy and lots of fun!

21 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs: a Mid-Week YOP Update

  1. They look super cute to me but I don’t know much about their habits and what they eat…will they be after your vegetable bed? Or will they be eating slugs for you? They are cute though and I’m sure will be entertaining

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  2. Did you dye all those beautiful yarns? Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you make with them. The socks are also a favorite but the Halloween sweater takes the cake! It is so cool…it might motivate me to learn some new techniques….love it! matching shorts? Too cute! So is the ground hog! My daughter is very “sensitive” to places like where you visited. We were at an antique store once and it happened to be an old opera house. She walked into a room and had to walk right back out. She doesn’t see things but she senses them very strong and she knew something bad had happened in that room.
    Have a great week!

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    1. We did have an adult come out early looking very sleepy. I think it was a sunny day, so she probably did. We call that one Dori because she’s gray, so short for Dorian. We don’t actually know if she’s female. The other adult is tan.


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