Me Made May and Year of Projects

Happy May Day! I hope you are dancing around a maypole or at least enjoying some spring flowers today. We are having thunderstorms, so I will likely be spending most of the day indoors.


For Me Made May, my goal is to alter four handmade garments this month to get more wear out of them. I’m starting with something easy.

Before shot with long pants.

I made these Pietra pants last year. They fit great but are voluminous on my short frame. I’ve decided to hem them into culottes. The fabric is lightweight, so it’s not like I wear them in any other season except spring and summer.

After shot with shortened pants.

I’ve paired them here with an a-line tee made in deep stash quilting cotton and my Hitofude cardigan. I love the yellow dots in the top fabric. It makes me want to wear more yellow, and buy some yellow clogs.

I’ve enjoyed wearing my Melba dress, and have decided to make a black one. I don’t have enough fabric for facings, so I will bind the neckline and armholes instead.

Pattern pieces and brown floral fabric on a background of teal lining fabric with a Holly Hobby pincushion.

I’m also sewing a Felix dress in this floral cotton voile. It’s semi sheer, so I’ll be lining it in teal Bemberg. I need a nice dress for spring events. I really love the feel of this Bemberg lining fabric, which is made from viscose.


I’ve only been working on the Ocean Moon mystery knitalong. I’m frustrated with how slow I am at knitting intarsia, though I love the result. I am hoping to catch up this week on the clues.


Kale, broccolini, and lettuce growing in a pop up greenhouse.

I’m really pleased with all the greens that overwintered in my pop up greenhouse. This kale is ready to harvest. We’ve already eaten all the arugula and some of the lettuce. I have high hopes for the broccolini, kale, and cabbage starts that will be protected from moths under the greenhouse covered in netting. I’ve also planted some ginger root here. It’s my first time growing ginger.

This has been a Year Of Projects (YOP) update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

We’re coming up on the July 1 renewal for Year of Projects. I’m trying to decide if I want to continue to list my projects in a blog post, or share a spreadsheet with links to the completed project pages. I’ve started tracking my knitting projects and stash in a spreadsheet in Google Drive, and I like organizing my lists that way. What is easier for the reader? Do you ever reference the list of completed projects? Does it matter? Please let me know your preference, if you have one, in the comments. Thank you!

Bob and Alissa in front of the kraken from a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie poster.

In personal news, Bob and I went to see the film Everything Everwhere All at Once for Saturdate yesterday. This movie was wack but also amazeballs. I laughed and cried at the same time. It also manages to be sentimental. Highly recommend if, like me, your brain likes a little exercise while being entertained. Two thumbs up. Thanks to Mackenzie for recommending it.

Cryptid soap from Tuft

I also wore my Born to Knit Melba dress to one of my local yarn shops for Local Yarn Shop Day. I purchased this Mothman soap, some lavender apple soap, and some stickers. Because cryptid soap makes me happy. I exercised extreme restraint and self control. I’m proud that I walked out without purchasing yarn. I really have to be careful with my purchasing now that I’m semi-retired.

Did you visit your local yarn shop for Local Yarn Shop Day? Did you make any lovely yarn purchases? I would love to live vicariously through you! 😊

26 thoughts on “Me Made May and Year of Projects

  1. Smart move to shorten the pants. You will get a lot of wear out of the culottes. Looking forward to seeing the new dresses you are sewing. As for how you do your YOP list. I think whatever works for you the best is how you should do it. There are so many different ways I have seen over the past 11 years……I have learned to be able to read each of them and it is kind of fun to see new ways of keeping track of projects.

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  2. Love your collotes! What cute fabric for your new dress. Congrats on controlling your shopping on LYS day. Your soap sounds wonderful. Sadly my goat milk soap stash is going to last as long as my yarn stash!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love everything about this post Alissa! Your outfit above is awesome and I like your Pietra pants better as culottes, and that dress you wore is the bomb… I adore that fabric!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That little change to your pants is such a great improvement – they are perfect! And your new dress is going to be lovely 🙂 Your garden is already doing so well! You are amazing with everything you are getting down. And also, that is some pretty amazing self-control for sure! I am going to need to look for some Mothman hand soap 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You go girl! I love all your hand mades. I adore the Born to Knit Melba dress. Is there a pattern for that? I always love your knitting and your wardrobe. My wardrobe is pitiful….you inspire me. Great job on redoing the pants too!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A great edit version of those pants – they look great on you! I personally like the blog post style but honestly, do whatever you more enjoy and that works for you. I shopped stash for LYS day as I’m trying not to even be tempted…..

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  7. I can’t get over the improvement of how those trousers look so much more flattering as culottes. This ‘me made may’ is going to be fun to follow along on your wardrobe transformations. I don’t ever click to refer to your list and most people just share their finished lists at their year end, although I take a snapshot each quarter it’s for my own use to compare quarters. I think you should just track however works best for you, it’s your list 😀. Just checking are you talking about 2 greenhouses? It is wise to ensure you rotate your crops and never grow either potatoes or brassicas in the same place 2 years running because the risk of disease is significantly increased. If you search garden crop rotations you can find good diagrams saying what goes where. Perhaps you know all this and it’s a separate greenhouse you are referring to, but I wouldn’t want your years crop to all fail with blackleg, clubroot or one of the other diseases more prone when the crop is grown where last year’s was.

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  8. Those pants look so much better as culottes! And they’ll probably be more useful, too. They look great paired with that top and sweater. I made a Hitofude cardigan also, but I haven’t worn mine much since I don’t go out much. Maybe I’ll wear it on some of my days back in the office this spring, though…

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  9. I did day AFTER LYS day. I needed needles, but left with them AND 2 skeins of yarn. Going Sunday, I had the shop to myself and caught up with the owner. I was glad my Saturday was too booked to head over.

    MeMade May is going to be really fun following you for! A simple fix on the pants made a HUGE difference, they look SO chic now. Honestly, the whole outfit is super.

    I have no preference on your sharing format, I love seeing your projects come together.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Great idea to modify four outfits from your closet and if the pants are any indication you are going to rock Made Me May. As far as how you track your projects – you do you. It sounds like you have found a way that works for you and your readers will follow whatever you want to do.

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  11. Hitofude – I have the pattern, but all two of you I’ve seen it on, it looks like it’s trying to crawl down the back or off the shoulders. How do you find it to wear? Shortened pants – you have better looking ankles than I do! I do make and wear pants that length, but only for functionality when kayaking!


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