Tasty Tuesday: Vegetable Posole

Now that I’m semi-retired, I’m helping out more with the cooking. Yesterday I made vegetable posole with gluten-free flour tortillas.

I based my posole recipe on one from Rancho Gordo Vegetarian Kitchen. During the holidays, I stuffed my own stocking with a bag of their dried hominy. I loved hominy as a kid, so I decided to see if I still like it. And I do! But I wasn’t sure how to prepare it.

I felt the recipe was a little thin, so I added mushrooms and sliced Anaheim chilis, and also made a roux. The result was a deliciously chunky vegetable soup with chewy hominy. I think I would like the addition of scallops or shrimp. Bob and I both felt the stew needed more mushrooms.

The recipe I followed is not online, but here is a link to several of their hominy recipes.

You can see my gluten-free tortillas didn’t come out great. They tasted good, though, and were crispy enough to tear apart and add to the stew like a tortilla soup. I gifted Bob a tortilla press/grill, but I was the one to give this appliance the first go. We’ll have to adjust the recipe and try again. Here is a link to the recipe I followed.

I have three cups of cooked hominy leftover. I’m thinking about making grits for breakfast!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

6 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: Vegetable Posole

  1. This looks tasty! I’ve considered making tortillas, though the ones I’m most interested in attempting to make are a classic corn tortilla. I’m not sure how good a job I’d do with it, though. My attempt at making naan (skillet fried, not baked) was okay at best.

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  2. Though I often use GF corn tortillas, I miss flour tortillas. I will give your recipe a try using Bob’s Red Mill 1to1 GF flour. Love the notes that came with your recipe on GF flours she had tried!
    Here’s a link to a recipe for an easy crock pot chicken/pumpkin chili that has very good flavor, I think it would be fine without the chicken if need be. https://www.eatthis.com/slow-cooker-pumpkin-chicken-chili-recipe/
    And here’s a link to a simple flat bread made with garbanzo bean flour that is fun to make and can go with almost any meal. https://www.forkinthekitchen.com/socca-chickpea-flatbread/#recipe

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