Volunteer Sunflowers: A Summer Yarn Mystery Box

I’m excited to share with you my new mystery box for summer. I’ll be dyeing the yarn myself, and including an original knitting pattern design!

Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber

My newest yarn mystery box just dropped! The Volunteer Sunflowers colorway emotes a sea of emerald green foliage complemented by deep blues and pops of sunny gold. The Glow Box includes 100% cotton yarn from Virginia hand dyed here at Chestnut Hills Studio, summer sun skin care from Haven Herbs, and a glass progress keeper by Ann Tudor! The Shine Box also includes a handmade project bag, sewn from Virginia cotton canvas that has been Hapazome dyed by me with indigo leaves, and a knitting pattern to go with the yarn.

Only 10 are available. You can order at this link!

Enjoy the video below, which shows the dying of the fabric used for the project bags.

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