Saturday Start: A New Venture!

One of my favorite things to do is curate gifts and collections. I once worked as a personal shopper, and walking around with customers and helping them select items was an absolute favorite activity. With this in mind, I have decided I want to combine my love of knitting and fiber arts, handmade items, natural fibers, and curating collections by starting my own yarn mystery box company: Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber! This will be a part time enterprise. I’m planning to curate a mystery box seasonally, so just four times per year, at least at first.

The first box is called Spring Thaw, and is inspired by my original photo below:

I’m very excited to be including yarn from Cornbread and Honey, along with her fabulous lotion bars. I’ve always loved her color aesthetic, and she will be dyeing on non-superwash merino wool in a special colorway just for this box! There will be stitch markers by MAB Elements, who I recently discovered, and I am in love with her work. (Look for a shawl pin in a future box!) And for those who want a little more mystery, the Cultivate Box will include a special flower pot made by Megs Levesseur, also inspired by the theme! I will be including some seeds from my garden to plant in the pot, along with information about the seeds and season.

In future boxes, I hope to include original patterns, some of my own hand dyed yarn, and other goodies made by regional artisans I admire. I hope you’ll consider supporting me on this new endeavor! There are a limited number of boxes available for purchase, and you can also support by sharing this link on your blog, or resharing on social media. Thank you! This has been a long time coming, and I’m very excited about the possibilities of this enterprise.

18 thoughts on “Saturday Start: A New Venture!

  1. I hope this endeavor exceeds our expectations. I have never done mystery boxes, mostly because they are subscriptions and I am not one to sign on for so much unknown, but you are so good a picking out special stuff! This will be a birthday present to me! I am customer number 7 for you. 😊

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    1. Oh thank you so much, Kathy! ❤️ Yes, I’m not going to offer subscriptions right now. If I get a year under my belt, I may offer them in addition to the quarterly box. Knitting friends are the best friends! I so appreciate your support and friendship.

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  2. Best of luck – I hope it works out well for you! It’s not for me – the last thing I need is more fiber! But for those who don’t have more stash than they can use in four life times, a quarterly surprise s great.

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