YOPday, YOPday


Arrowhead Cardigan gets a little bigger every week!


Today I applied fusible interfacing to half of the fabric on my Clare coat. Dan Bill helped by hogging the sewing chair so I wouldn’t sit down. I’m not a fan of fusible interfacing, but since I’ve never made a coat before, I thought I should follow the instructions the first time. Applying fusible interfacing with a steam iron is hard work. I’ll do the other half next weekend.


I bought a small amount of merino and angora fiber to try. I have a couple of bags of raw angora fiber from my bunnies that I used to have, and I want to card it with some other fibers to spin. I thought sampling a small amount of a blend would help me get the feel of it. I’m still working through my “wool top” that came with my wheel.


I knit a swatch with some felted wool yarn, then felted it in the washer. I’m planning to make a wide brimmed hat. I might try to felt the swatch a little more.

This has been a Year Of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

20 thoughts on “YOPday, YOPday

  1. Okay so we all agree Dan Bill owns that chair. Right? He also has reminded me that my goal in life should be to sleep like a cat. And look at that shiny coat! Love it! Oh, and yes, I love hearing about all of your YOP updates. The spinning news sounds very interesting. And your work with your swatch makes swatching so worthwhile. Always good to see what happens to a swatch after it is washed!


  2. Hmm, I’ve only used fusible since I only make project bags. Fortunately for these small project bags, fusible interface was easy to use. Wow, that’s some pretty impressive shrinkage due to the washer.


  3. Your Arrowhead cardigan is just beautiful!! You make me want to knit it again in your colors 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new coat – and you are lucky to have such a good helper! Your swatch felted well – is it stiff enough at this point to use for your hat?

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  4. When I felted my bag pieces I put it through 2 x 60C washes and it did shrink a bit more on the second wash. Will you be able to put the hat through the same process as your swatch, i.e. through a washing machine? When I’ve felted hats it has been manually. Will you be using some sort of fabric thickener or starch on the brim? I’m very intrigued and think it will be fabulous when its finished, so looking forward to seeing it develop.

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  5. I think I can put the hat through the wash, but I am wondering if felting it manually would make for a smoother fabric. I may manually felt the swatch on the second go to see what happens. Maybe I’ll even boil it. Not sure how I’ll manage the brim. I was thinking of doing an icord bind off around the edge, as I’m going to start at the crown. I’ll have to see how the fabric turns out, and then decide.


    1. Really like your idea of finishing the brim with an icord bind off! That should look great! You might want to do a swatch with that bind off and felt it just to see how that bind off holds up to the felting. Or not,,just a thought.

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  6. Nice progress on lots of things this week! Your helper is VERY helpful. 🙂 I’ll toss in a note about angora fiber in blends. You really can get a lot of mileage out of a little – even 15% is noticeable – and I will highly recommend a softer shetland blended with angora (or shetland/angora/silk!) if you have the chance to find some shetland fleece in your neck of the woods.

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  7. Lovely progress on the cardigan. I look forward to hearing about your experiments with angora. I bought some a few years ago but it really upset my then rabbit who kept trying to attack it (and the hand knitted gloves I’d made from yarn from the same rabbits). I put it in a drawer after that!

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