And I Would YOP 500 More


I’ve reached the point on Freya’s Musselburgh Hat where it’s round and round in stockinette. This is going to make great relaxation knitting. I can see why this pattern becomes addicting for some. I also learned the pinhole cast on, which is pretty great.

I am making good progress on Arrowhead now that I make sure to knit one row per day. I thought I would treat you to a photo of where the steek will be cut when the time comes. I love knitting in Lettlopi and will definitely use it again.


Nothing new to report since my pink velour sweatshirt.


I’m going to spend more time practicing my spinning today. It’s been a couple of weeks. I’m going to use up my wool top that came with the wheel before trying a new fiber.

Burns Night Supper Prep

Last year, Liz sent me a link to a virtual Burns Night event. I had never heard of it, but I’m all in for a holiday that’s basically an excuse to party in January. I decided this year to do it our way — in front of the TV with food.

Bob will make vegan sausage with neeps and tatties for dinner. (Neither of us is interested in vegan haggis.) I’m going to bake gluten free oat cakes and as Bob doesn’t drink, and I don’t drink whiskey (or any hard alcohol) I’m going to try to make a raspberry ginger switchel with Bob’s homemade apple cider vinegar. We’re trying to find a way to watch the movie Red Rose, as neither of us really knows anything about Robert Burns. If we can’t find it, we will look for a documentary. Also, we will be wearing tartans (flannel shirts most likely).

Bob says he remembers being taken to a Burns Night Supper as a kid and being bored to tears with the poetry readings. I definitely dinna want a rrrepeat o’ tha.

This has been a Yearrr O’ Prrrojects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

26 thoughts on “And I Would YOP 500 More

  1. Enjoyed the link to your pink sweatshirt post. Looks fantastic! Love the occasional pop of purple/lavender on your hat. What a great idea, Burns Night. Definitely a fan of neeps and tatties. Haggis sounds a lot like my hubby’s “meat” dressing (turkey organs with saltine crackers and onions) that is always a huge hit at Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful vegan feast.

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  2. I have no idea what neeps and tatties are but the Burn’s Night supper sounds like fun. I’m Irish so it would have to be a Yeat’s Supper….not sure they have those…lol! I really need to try that hat…I keep saying it but I am trying so hard to work on all my WIP’s….so many! Your sweater is gorgeous and all your stitches are always so perfect . I have never “steeked” anything but maybe someday. I’ve only made one sweater and I’d like to make another one of these days. You are my role model!

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    1. Neeps are turnips (which you maybe call something else in US) and tatties are potatoes. They are usually boiled and mashed and served with haggis. You can even get the three of them already prepped and you can just microwave to heat up for those not wanting to make an effort to celebrate Burn’s Night.

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  3. A new cast on. How exciting. Now I need to look that up as well as neeps and tatties as well as switchel.. I do like the colors on the hat. Don’t you get a bit nervous when you steek?

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  4. THe pinho1e cast on ……I must check into this!
    I 1ove your fuzzysweater yarns.
    I’m working on broi1ing hot dogs, some chips on the side. And…….more footba11 for Fireman whi1e I knit the hat I HOPE TO finish. Im under an e1ectric b1anket. More snow on the way

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  5. I love having new cast one and your Musselburgh Hat is going to be pretty in that yarn. I have not heard of the pinhole cast, I need to check that out. Your Arrowhead is coming along nicely and I am head over heels in love with the colors 😊 Oh…. Rose Red sounds like a good movie!

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  6. The sweater will never fail to amaze me. I am in awe of anyone who steeks.
    I have never been able to do a hat from the crown. The cast on is so tricky.
    And Robby Burns’ birthday. A close friend of mine shares a b-day with. She lived in Scotland for a year, so we usually have a great party, which includes vegetarian haggis. We also do dramatic readings of Burns poetry. Another Covid fatality.

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  7. If not heard of that pinhole cast on, sounds interesting and maybe something I should have a go at on Allistar’s next hat as he wants a longer hat and ear flaps so it would be easier doing some short rows doing top down I think.

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  8. This sounds like a very fun time at your house (I could probably live without the poetry reading too, FWIW). Let me know if you’d like me to send you some roving to play with! I have a bin leftover from my shop with some various hand-dyed and hand-blended rovings and would be happy to send some along!

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  9. Love your Arrowhead. I never knew Lettlopi comes in such lovely colours, I thought it was only available in natural tones. That turquoise makes me want to rush out and buy some Lettlopi right now.
    As for Burns Night, would you like to borrow my copy of Robert Burns poems as a special treat for your husband? LOL

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  10. Arrowhead is looking great! And oh, I adore the look of that hat and the yarns! I’ve been meaning to knit a gift hat for a family member but hadn’t done it yet because it needed to be a simple hat and I wasn’t inspired. But I think I’ll check out that pattern!

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  11. Now I have that song you alluded to in your title going through my head. Must be time to head out for a walk! I love the pattern on your hat. I haven’t done fairisle for a while, but I do have some owl mitts that are calling me from my queue.

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  12. Steeking takes a different level of courage; much respect, and good luck. Pinhole cast-on is pretty similar to magic loop cast-on, isn’t it? I always use a crochet hook for these techniques to avoid all the lifting-right-stitch-over-left-stitch business!

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  13. Love the way your Arrowhead is working up! The Musselburgh is great! The stripes are neat! I just finished one and will be casting on another. They are a very relaxing knit for me. I see some hats as presents this year, lol.

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