All the Knitalongs and Bloganuary

In addition to the Vertices Unite Knitalong (KAL), I’ve joined another shawl KAL! This one is run by Malabrigo, and I’ve signed up through Mass Ave Knit Shop. I was visiting Indianapolis this week for work, and of course I stopped by the yarn store! The yarn on the left is for the KAL: Arroyo in Marte, Cian, and Frank Ochre. The pattern is La Mondiola Wrap. I guess 2022 is going to be The Year of the Shawl for me.

The pink is Chunky in Hollyhock. I’ve been wanting to knit a Getting Warmer Cowl for myself, and this color stopped me in my tracks. I’ve knit one already for a silent auction item from merino I picked up in Kenya that I dyed vermillion red. I loved knitting it and trying it on, and wanted to make one for myself. I think this pink will look fantastic with my royal blue melton coat I’m going to sew!

The necklace in my photo is from Purlsmith. I love their sterling stitch marker jewelry. And right now I am really identifying with the rough freshwater pearl, feeling as though I’ve been through the wash a few times but still have some rough spots to smooth out. Although today I’m wearing a green agate stitch marker on my necklace, which I received in my Yuletide Mystery Box from November Woods Fiber Co. I can’t believe I never blogged about that. It was a lovely gift to myself in December, including indigo dyed green yarn and a handmade mug.

Did you know this month is Bloganuary? I’m getting a late start. Today’s prompt is to write about what year you would travel to — back in time — if you could. My answer is 1536: Tudor England. Henry VIII turns England upside down for Anne Boleyn, she is queen for three years, and then he has her beheaded. What the heck happened?! I have read and watched so many historic and fictional accounts, but none of them satisfy my curiosity. My latest acquisition is The Story of the Death of Anne Boleyn: A Poem by Lancelot de Carle. His poem is an eye witness account of the event in verse form written for the French king. The book is a translation with essays by Joann DellaNeva. The poem is not new, but a full version has been discovered that was suppressed in England because it’s pro-Anne. I guess Henry didn’t like that.

7 thoughts on “All the Knitalongs and Bloganuary

  1. I had no idea it was Bloganuary, what fun. I love that you would want to go back to that particular timeline. I find that particular time very interesting and like you have read many books , non-fiction and fiction, surrounding that period. Thank you so much for sharing the link to the story of Anne Boleyn’s death, I will definitely be reading that. Love the KAL you are participating in, it’s going to be a beautiful wrap when you’re finished!

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  2. So… that’s a necklace that you wear a stitch marker on? Oh, that is really cool! And I love the yarn choices; I suspect they’re all going to be so fun to knit up! They make me happy to just look at, and I know how yummy Malabrigo is to knit.

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  3. You got some great finds! That pink will be beautiful for that cowl, and can’t wait to see your shawl – the yarn is just lovely!! You are doing a lot of pink lately. I like Purlsmith’s stuff too 🙂 I don’t have any of her jewelry, but several of her stitch markers. They are so fancy!
    Tudor England would be a good time to go back to. It’s hard to think about when I would want to go back to. I guess it would depend on if it would be a brief visit or to go there forever.

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  4. What an interesting post Alissa! I had to come back when i had more time to check out all of the links. And so glad that I just did that! All of the projects you have chosen for your pretty yarns sound very interesting and snuggly. I especially like that Getting Warmer Cowl. I think I might like it for a sleeping cowl made with something very soft and …. warm! Thanks for the heads up about Bloganuary! I got the email too but, hadn’t yet read what it was all about. You and it have got my writing juice flowing! As to what happened to Anne Boleyn?…King Henry the 8th is what happened to her! More than a bit off his bean as history has it. I would be too afraid to go back to that location and time period in history. Will be giving that writing prompt a bit of thought tonight.

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