Friday Eve

What I’m Knitting

I’ve been diligently knitting one round on my Arrowhead Cardigan every day. I’m also trying to finish up my Gourd Party socks. I’m hoping to have a finished object tomorrow.

What I’m Watching

The light of my viewing life right now is Beforeigners. Season 2 just started, so we have to wait a week between episodes. We are also watching Station Eleven, which is excellent if a little dismal. Interesting tidbit: Pam Allen’s daughter is an actress in Station Eleven. When she modeled for Interweave Knits, I wanted to knit everything she wore.

What I’m Reading

In addition to reading one chapter at a time from Making A Life, I’m also reading Woodsmoke and Sage: How the Tudors Experience the World.


I’ve been spinning 15 minutes a day! I hope to ply this weekend.

Are you excited for the weekend?

9 thoughts on “Friday Eve

  1. I’m always excited for the weekends. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your handspun – today is Distaff Day so perfect for spinning time. Are you enjoying Woodsmoke and Sage? I have that title on my TBR list for later this year.

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  2. So excited for the weekend! I hope to work on my socks a bit and do a little spinning. Your knitting is beautiful, love those colors and I look forward to seeing your finished handspun . I have not heard about Station, sounds interesting.

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  3. Your socks look great!

    I’ve heard good things about Station Eleven, but I really want to try the book first to see if it’s something I’d be able to handle watching. I know enough about it to worry that it won’t be good for my mental state right now… I’m glad you’re enjoying it, though!

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