Happy Krampus Night!

Tonight is Krampusnacht. While we don’t celebrate officially, we marathon Krampus movies with a finale of Rare Exports and play the gingerbread game where we take a bite of gingerbread every time a character does.

This year we’re munching julbok (Yule Goat) cookies in honor of Krampus, but next year I’m planning to use a Krampus cookie cutter.

We are celebrating Krampus Night because it’s fun. Do you have any fun new traditions you are celebrating during the holidays this year?

10 thoughts on “Happy Krampus Night!

  1. Sounds like a very fun night. Enchanted Living mag had a whole issue devoted to Krampus celebrations I think it was 2 years ago? That was very interesting. We are going to try to do some different menus this year but that’s about it. We’re at a point where we try to have pretty mellow laid-back celebrations.

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  2. That is awesome! Belated Happy Krampus Night! That sounds like such a fun way to celebrate and start easing into the holiday season 🙂 I love your new tradition! We don’t have any new ones this year, but am hoping something will present itself.

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