Happy December WIPS

Today is Day 1 of Advent, so I got to open my first drawer with a mini-skein of yarn and a new Christmas pudding stitch marker. I’m going to wind this into a little ball tonight, and cast on my first mitten for my garland tomorrow night.

My Ranunculus continues to grow. I hope I have it ready to wear soon. I love this color. I’m all about the red this year.

I’m ready to start the toe on my first Gourd Party sock. I may put this away until January and focus on more seasonal knits this month.

This will be an Unbearable hat for Henry. I’ve already shown him the design, and he approves. I’m going to use my new project bag which was a present from my sister for Christmas. It’s a Forage Bag from Joji and Co, a great size for hats and other small projects. I will get a lot of use out of it and I love the metallic pewter color!

I’ve gifted the first hat of the season. Despite the joking, the extra long length was appreciated. And check out that Microsoft sweater! Probably not hand knit, but definitely striking! I’m glad my children love brightly colored knits as much as I do.

A couple of years ago I blogged about wanting to start a vintage pin collection. I purchased this tree pin at that time, but had kind of forgotten about it. I pulled it out of my jewelry box today and it looks great on my Back Porch Shawl. I’ve also ordered a vintage holly pin, which is my go-to yuletide symbol. Do you have a favorite holiday symbol? Tree, star, holly, bauble, angel, dove, pudding, gingerbread person? Please share in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Happy December WIPS

  1. You have a very fun line-up of projects for the holidays this year. I’m going to enjoy your Advent mini unveilings. 🙂 I love snowflakes (and I love snow) – and the silver and dark blue combo that is snow in the dark sky is one of my favorites!

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  2. Your vintage Christmas tree pin is very pretty! I like holly, too. I am lucky to have quite a few wild holly trees growing in the woods nearby. I have a question. Is there something magical about how you cast on the neckline of the Ranunculus sweater? I really like the way it looks!

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  3. So many lovely things! Your sweater and sock are looking wonderful 🙂 Love your yarn and stitch marker! The little pudding will be cute with your Christmas pudding sock, Did you make the advent yourself or is a bought one? Also love the hat colors and your new Joji bag!

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