Garden Variety Friday FO

This morning, instead of working out, I worked in the garden. I cleared out another section and put together my new pop up greenhouse! You can see I left some flowers at the end of the garden for the pollinators. I’m still finding bees in the garden.

I planted kale, arugula, and two varieties of lettuce seed. My hope is the cooler weather and greenhouse will keep the moths at bay. I will have to watch the slugs, though. Fingers crossed we’ll have some greens soon! And if it works well, next spring I’ll plant cabbage in there, and hope to have some to harvest early.

I also got my hair cut off this week! I love it. I tried to grow it long, but once it hit a certain length I kept pulling it back. Why have long hair if you only wear it pulled into a ponytail? So I went back to short hair. I will probably never try to grow it long again.

Do you have any finished objects to share today?

21 thoughts on “Garden Variety Friday FO

  1. What a perfect haircut for you! Very good move! How fun to get you greenhouse in place for winter greens. I have an old wheelbarrow that I will be growing my greens in this winter. The plan is to wheel it into the garage when the weather turns nasty and out again on nicer days.

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  2. Cabbage, sprouts and kale can make it through the winter here outdoors but those flipping late summer cabbage white butterflies! I’ll be intrigued to see how your greenhouse goes, I haven’t heard of brassicas being grown under cover before, so will be interested to see how they go. Haha the reason I keep mine long and wack it in a ponytail is because I can’t be bothered going to the hairdressers at all, never mind regularly, I am so lazy with how I look 😂 I do love your short hair though.

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  3. Love your new haircut. Really looks great. I look forward to hear about what you think of your greenhouse. I keep wondering about putting up one. Due to our pool concrete disaster, we are filling in the pool and creating garden space. Maybe a greenhouse??

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