Knit Knit Knit Knit YOP and Knit

Fiber Art

I picked up the unsold artwork from the gallery. I have hung four in my house. I really like most of this work, and I’m happy to admire them on my walls. A couple more will be gifted. So I’m thinking, why submit anything to the juried art show? Eh, I probably won’t.


Work has been busy so I’ve been stimming in stockinette and garter stitch. Which is fine because that’s what my knitting is for. The good news is I’m almost ready to change colors on the Back Porch Shawl and I’m finishing up the gusset of the second Sleepy Hollow sock!

Also, I got a sock ruler! Something I didn’t know I needed but now couldn’t live without. Thank you, Sarah.

I am ready to cast on some leg warmers in Fiber for the People Endor. I am planning to make the Olalie Legwarmers. Not stockinette, but a thermal-esque stitch that looks to be repetitive. Pump your fists in the air and sing along with me, 🎶 “Fiber for the people!” 🎶 That’s what I do every time I think of this yarn. I also think of Ewoks sticking it to the man.

I opened my DIY Autumn Advent bag for October 2. This one I remembered because I love the yarn (Zombie by Moondrake) and it’s a pattern I thought I might enjoy wearing. Will I cast on? Who knows? No promises. Only if I feel like it. How many of these advent bags do you think will end up back in the drawer for next year? That’s right. Most of them. Smoke and mirrors. If it keeps me from buying yarn, it’s a worthy endeavor.

Listening to Music Intentionally

I haven’t been doing much of this, though I’ve tried. I traveled a lot in September, and discovered a new-to-me NPR station out of Yellow Springs, Ohio, WYSO. Every week day, between 11 and 2, the show Excursions plays some really great music. This song kicked off a show about places, and since I went to so many places in September, I decided to share this with you. You’ve heard it. But it’s still good.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

20 thoughts on “Knit Knit Knit Knit YOP and Knit

  1. Sock rulers are great aren’t they. I like your pretty wooden one. Unfortunately it’s a bit too long to fit into most of my sock project bags. Love the color of your Back Porch shawl. How cute those leg warmers will be. I wear lots of leggings so that’s a cute way to dress them up.

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  2. Nice shawl. A good stockinette stitch is perfect to unwind with. Totally mindless knitting at it’s best. Your sleepy hallow socks are so close to being completed. I really like the colorway of them. Love the color of the Fiber for the People Endor is really pretty too. It has such a rich tone to it. Zombie is also a great colorway. Gosh, maybe I should have you do my yarn shopping for me.

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  3. That broken rib in the leg warmers is something I have used for hats, when I was looking for a quick and stretchy knit. I’m not a fan of stockinette; it doesn’t keep my interest. It is what I should be knitting for the current sweater – the yarn has no stitch definition to speak of – but I ended up choosing a cabled pattern. I just couldn’t face a 3X sized sweater that was all stockinette, at 6 spi!!

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  4. I think your shawl is going to be amazing to snuggle in as you are only just finishing the first colour, it’s going to be like a hug on a chilly evening when it’s finished. I was thinking about your order that’s not arrived yet and maybe it could end up being another autumn advent. I have bought so many fat quarters to make some project bags to copy your idea. Allistar was watching Zombieland last night and I feel he definitely embraces Halloween season more than me, but I do really love that material on your project bag.

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  5. I love the DIY Advent Bag idea! I have a bunch of projects that I have yarn & pattern paired in my head, but I haven’t done anything to make it easier to get to those projects when I am ready to cast on something new. Maybe I should plan some kind of advent project for 2022. Hmm.

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  6. i just want to copy everything you make and the yarns too. I love the back porch shawl and I think I need to make some Sleepy Hollow socks for Halloween! I am going to print off the legwarmers/gaiters to make for my daughter for Christmas. Your idea of Advent bags is wonderful! I need to make project bags and I will use them for WIP.s and future projects. What fun….surprise bags!

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  7. That shawl color is amazing! It looks like it will be a great comfy shawl once it’s finished. Can’t wait to see how it progresses. I’ve been seeing sock rulers all over the internet lately. I’m still trying to figure out my perfect sock recipe, so I’m thinking of getting one. I’ve only heard of them the past few months. Now they are everywhere!

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