Big Saturday at Chez Headknits

Today was a big day! I attended my first virtual yarn tasting. It was put on by Fibre Space for Handspun Hope, a fair trade yarn company. I was really pleased with the yarns I received.

Then I received the final parcel of beads I ordered for the MKAL that starts July 1. I misplaced a bead in the knitting, but which bead color is your favorite with this yarn?

Finally, all the kids came over for a dinner and fire pit gathering. The whole gang was here!

11 thoughts on “Big Saturday at Chez Headknits

  1. On this photo those first beads are almost invisible unless you zoom in so I’d keep those for a project in a yarn with more contrast to their colour. My favourites in order are silver, shiny blue/purple and then the blue purl like ones. But those blue purl ones are a close 3rd…well ahead of the ones far left that are almost invisible. What a fun time in the garden hanging out with family. Its October before I see mine, pandemic all going well.

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  2. What a nice variety of yarns, I bet you had fun! Now for the beads…my picks are 2nd from the left and 2nd from the right, both the blue ones, unless you were wanting obvious contrast. What fun to have the entire family together! We had a week together for the wedding, and I’ve been in withdrawal all week!

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad to hear someone else likes them. Those were my first choice,but it was pointed out to me that beads are a lot of work and it should be worth the effort, which is true. My gut tells me to use these, but my gut isn’t always right about such things. I’m trying to figure out what I will be most comfortable wearing. Anyway, I have time as the beads don’t get added until August.


  3. We saw my brother and his family two Saturdays ago and it was all kinds of wonderful; we haven’t seen him since January 2020 and I finally got to meet and hold my new nephew who’s 8 months now.

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