Summer Solstice Year of Projects

Happy Summer Solstice! My flax is starting to flower.


I found cabbage worms all over the cabbage and kale. I had intended to pick them off, but it was impossible. There were too many. There was no reason to leave the plants in the garden, so I pulled up all the cabbage and kale and took it to the compost pile.

I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten a borage flower, but they taste like cucumbers. Delicious!


Happy Father’s Day to Bob, who is a wonderful Dad and Stepdad. I’m knitting Pride socks for him for Father’s Day, and I’m currently being overwhelmed by rainbow yarn barf. I’m hoping to finish these before July 1, when we start over for Year of Projects.

I ordered the beads for my MKAL and I thought they were not the right color for my yarn. Too gray! So I ordered three more colors. Then I took photos outside, and the color is more like I wanted initially. Hopefully one of the four bead colors will work. Every time I take these beads out of their bag, I lose five, so hopefully I still have enough if this is The One. I’ll knit another chart repeat on the swatch and knit the beads on as the pattern specifies. That should give me a better idea.

Fiber Art

I felted a new piece today. I like the way it looks, but the felt didn’t take to the prefelt backing. So I ordered new felting needles, because mine are old and breaking, and I’m going to have to do significantly more needle felting on this piece. I don’t know why it didn’t work, as nothing has changed. This seems to be the theme for my week. Is Mercury in retrograde or something?


I didn’t have the energy for sewing this week, so I have nothing to report.


Here is the song I am currently listening to on repeat.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my updated list here. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link). I’ve started a new list for 2021-2022, and I’ve created a finished list for 2020-2021. I will post these on July 1. I had to go back over my completed items, as I had a few slip in that were completed prior to joining Year of Projects. Oops! I see how I am.

I got a new pin. I ordered mine from Fibre Space, but they are sold out. You can get them directly from Nerd Bird Makery, though.

23 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Year of Projects

  1. Oh those darn BUGS! I was asked to pick Kale and such at the goat’s house garden. We finally got rain, So I won’t go over. IF those bugs got her Kale…..that woman would be furious! Oh well, your cucumber flowers sound delicious

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  2. And that is why I don’t garden!! Spend why too much time battling bugs and critters. We do have several cherry tomato plants as we seem to be able to get a good harvest of them. We dry them and then freeze them for amazing sundried tomato dishes. Good luck with your beading. I think that is going to be a 2021 goal – make something with beads.

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  3. I love all your projects! Your flax is blooming! That is just so cool – I can’t wait to see what you do with it 🙂 So sorry about the cabbages and kale, but there has to be a solution – next year! Bob’s Pride socks look great, as does your swatch for your MKAL 🙂

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  4. Borage flowers are beautiful but I didn’t know you could eat them too…awesome! The flax flowers are pretty too. I’m so sorry about the cabbage worms. Last year I had squash bugs and that was the majority of what I had planted…boo hoo! The socks are so cool in the rainbow colorway! The beads and what you have knitted so far is lovely….I can’t wait to see more! Is it a shawl? I’m not sure where Mercury is right now but I hope this coming week is better for you! Been there!

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  5. Oh my, those worms did quite a bit of damage. How sad you lost your entire crop of cabbage and kale. I had never heard of borage so had to look it up. Very interesting read. The flax flower is pretty but I think the borage flower is prettier. Your socks are great and your dad will love them. I like all the beads you have for your project. So any of them would go with it. The mermaid pin is precious. Hopefully this week, Loki will have moved on to somewhere else.

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  6. Pick up some diatomaceous Earth, and sprinkle it over everything! It gets rid so so many problems, and is all natural too. I think it would take care if the cabbage worms. Reminds me that I need to sprinkle today!

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  7. I adore the pride socks! I’m excited to see the bead work. In my 19 years of knitting, I’ve never attempted beads.

    Bugs! How dare they live outside with our plants! At least kale and cabbage are pretty fast growing plants. You still have time to start again.

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  8. The flax flower is a beautiful shade. I am sorry to see what happened to your cabbage and kale. I would have been wild. What could you have done to prevent this? My grandpa always planted marigolds throughout his garden. We never used oregano for cooking but that was used to deter critter too. I wonder if it would work for your veggies in the future.

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    1. Well, I have calendula all through the garden. I may try diatomaceous earth, as Kathy suggested. Or maybe netting, but Liz says those moths still somehow get through. Maybe there will be less of them in the fall. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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